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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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basically just used the hyper drive
to manipulate the energy coils.
I put..put out..put out a big pulse
of electromagnetic energy
that must've disabled the warheads.
I'm, I'm hoping that it looked
like a nuclear explosion.
Oh, so that's what that was.
Did it fool the cylons?
I don't know.
But if,if they weren't fooled,
then they'd be on top of us by now.
The rest of the fleet know about this trick?
I doubt it. It was just a theory
we toyed with in war college, but...
It never used to work during war games.
The cylons would see right through it
and destroy the targets anyway.
The lesson here is
not to ask follow-up questions,
but simply to say thank you, captain Apollo,
for saving our collective asses.
You're welcome.
Now if I could suggest...
Evacuate the passenger liner and
get the hell out of here
before the cylons realize their mistake.
I'm right with you, captain.
-Five seconds to turn three.
-Five seconds? Aye, sir.
-And turn.
-Bow pitch positive one half.
Stern pitch negative one quarter.
Bow yaw negative three quarters.
Crossing into the ionosphere.
All hands, be ready for some chop.
Lords of kobol, hear my prayer.
Take the souls of your sons and
daughters lost this day.
Especially that of Lee Adama
into your hands.
And hard seal.
-Hard seal secure, sir.
-Copy that, sir. We show hard seal as well.
-Go find me some bullets, chief.
-Copy that, sir.
All right, get your gear.
Let's move out.
All right, people, let's be quick about this.
Cally, find the gen and get some lights on in here.
Yes, chief.
Let's find out where the lift is,
get it fired up.
-Come on.
-Excuse me.
My husband, he's in the colonial fleet in geminon.
-The colonial fleet in geminon.
-Okay, I'll see what I can do.
-If you just head right this way.
-Have you heard anything of geminon?
Come on.
Captain, I've got two communication pods left, sir.
But that's it.
No jiggers, no drones, no markers, nothing.
Well, at least you've still got
your electronic suite.
That old crate of mine can barely
navigate from A to B.
That old crate may have saved your life, sir.
-How's that?
-The viper mark sevens.
The cylon's shut them down
like they threw a switch or something.
And I've been hearing reports like that from all over.
The only fighters that are having any success at all
are either old or in need of some major overhaul.
Is that him?
Yeah.Hope he's worth it!
-Sorry, sir.
-Don't be. I hope he's worth it too.
Dr. Baltar, captain Lee Adama.
The president's asked to see you, sir.
-President Adar is alive?
-No, I'm afraid Adar is dead.
President Laura Roslin was sworn in
a couple of hours ago.
Oh. Who?
If you'll come with me,
she's this way.
I really appreciate it.
Thank you so very much.
Oh, Dr. Baltar, it's a pleasure to meet you.
We met at last year's caprica city symposium.
Oh, yeah. Of course.
You'll have to forgive me,
I'm bad with faces.
Oh, no. That's perfectly all right.
I'm sure I wouldn't remember me either.
Doctor, I need you to serve as
my chief scientific consultant and analyst
regarding the cylons and their technology.
I'd be honored, madam president.
-Lieutenant Valerii, is it Valerii?
I understand that your ship has a limited
faster-than-light capability.
Uh, yes, sir.
The raptor was designed to make sure
it jumps ahead of the fleet,
scout for enemy ships,
and jump back and report.
I want you to go out there and find
as many survivors as you can,
bring them back to this position.
We will then form a convoy.
We will guide them out of the
combat zone and into safety.
Yes, sir.
-Everybody hold fast.
-I don't want...
-Okay, let's talk.
-But I'm not going to jail.
You understand me?
I am not going to jail.
Nobody's taking you to jail.
Just calm down.
-Frakking right, you're not.
-We're not the police.
We're not here to arrest you.
Now put your gun down.
-Yeah, maybe. So who the hell are ya?
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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