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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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president, the vice-president and
most of the cabinet are dead or incapacitated.
I need you to send my I.D. code
-back on the exact same frequency.
-Yes, ma'am.
"d" as in dog...
dash 456... dash 345...
dash "a" as in apple.
Thank you.
How far down?
43rd in line of succession.
I know all 42 ahead of me from the president down.
Most of us served with him in the first administration.
Some of them came with him from the mayor's office.
I was there with him on his first campaign.
I never really liked politics.
I kept telling myself I was getting out,
but he had this way about him.
I just couldn't say no to him.
Thank you.
We'll need a priest.
Please raise your right handand repeat after me.
-I, Laura Roslin...
-I, Laura Roslin...
-do now avow and affirm...
-do now avow and affirm...
that I take the office of the president
of the 12 colonies of kobol.
That I accept the office of the...
that I accept the office of the president
of the 12 colonies of kobol.
And that I will protect and defend
the sovereignty of the colonies...
and that I will protect and defend
the sovereignty of the colonies...
-with every fiber of my being.
-With every fiber of my being.
What was the final count?
26 walked out. 85 didn't.
There's a munitions depot at ragnar anchorage.
Well, it's a super bitch to anchor a ship there.
Well, the book says that there are
50 palettes of class D warheads in storage there.
They should also have all the missiles
and small arms munitions we need.
-Go verify that.
-Yes, sir.
-Do you know how many we lost?
Set up a temporary morgue in hangar bay B.
40 seconds, sir.
All I needed was 40 seconds.85 of my people.
Now, I told...
I told that son of a bitch.
He's the XO on this ship.
Don't you dare forget that.
Now, he made a tough decision.
If it had been me, I would've made the same one.
40 seconds...sir.
Resume your post, chief.
The munitions depot confirmed,but we have two problems.
One, the ragnar station is at least
three days away at best speed.
Two, the entire cylon fleet
is between here and there.
-Bring me our position.
-Yes, sir.
-You don't want to do this.
-I know I don't.
Because any sane man wouldn't.
It's been, what, 20, 22 years?
-We trained for this.
-Training is one thing,
but we're off on our calculations
by even a few degrees,
-we could end up in the middle of the sun.
-No choice.
Colonel Tigh, please plot a hyper light jump
from our position to the orbit of ragnar.
Yes, sir.
Priority message, sir.
Engineering, spin up F.T.L. Drives one and two.
-Spinning up F.T.L. Drives one and two.
-Lieutenant Gaeta.
Break out the F.T.L. Tables and
warm up the computers.
-We are making a jump.
-Admiral Nagala is dead.
Battlestar atlantia has been destroyed.
So is the triton,  the solaria, the columbia...
and the list goes on.
Who's the senior officer?
Who's in command?
Send a message.
To all the colonial military units.
Use priority channel one.
Message begins...
I'm taking command of fleet.
Geminon liner 17-01,
this is colonial heavy 798.
No. Strike that.
This is colonial one.
-Go ahead, colonial one.
-We have you in sight.
We'll approach your starboard docking hatch.
Copy that, colonial one.
Thank the lords of kobol you're here.
We've been without power for over two hours now.
What is it?
To all colonial units, I'm taking command of fleet.
All units ordered to rendezvous at ragnar anchorage
for a regroup and counterattack.
Acknowledge by same encryption protocol.
Captain Apollo.
Please inform commander Adama
that we are currently involved in rescue
operations, and we require his assistance.
Ask him how many hospital beds he has available
and how long it will take him to get here.
-I, um...
I'm not sure he's gonna respond
very well to that request.
Then tell him this comes directly
from the president of the 12 colonies.
And it's not a request.
Yes, sir.
And, sir...
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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