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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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All right, clear the tube.
Let's go.
Get her in.
Move, move!
Oh, frak me.
He's aiming some sort of weapon at me,
but it doesn't seem to have any effect.
All vipers, systems are go.
-Hold it together, guys.
-Come on.
I'm all right.
Radiological alarm.
He's got nukes.
Come on!
Galactica, you've got an inbound nuke.
All vipers, break, break, break.
-Brace for contact, my friend.
-Haven't heard that in a while.
Galactica, Starbuck.
The forward section of the port flight pod
has sustained heavy damage.
Galactica, you've got violent decompressions
all along the port flight pod.
Do you ready me, Galactica?
Radiation levels within norms.
The hull plating kept out
most of the hard stuff.
Sir, port stern thrusters are locked open.
All bow thrusters non-responsive.
We're on an uncontrolled,
lateral counterclockwise spin.
Send a dc party up to aux control,
and have them cut all the fuel lines
to the stern thruster.
Okay, we have got buckled supports
all along the port flight pod.
And chain reaction decompressions
occurring everywhere forward to frame 2...250.
That's a problem.
Saul, take personal command of the dc units.
-Sir, the stern thrusters are still locked open.
We need you.
You're either the XO or you're not.
Yes, sir.
Attention, all decks switch emergency
power relays for positive flow.
Go, guys, go!Move it, go.
Chief, we're losing pressure.
The port, it's buckling. We need help.
We've got structural buckling all along this line.
We've gotta get those fires out.
I know, fires suppressors are down.
Water main is down.
I'm trying to fight this fire with handheld gear.
We're got another decompression
heading toward the port pod.
What are your orders, sir?
All right, listen, I need you to get the rest
of your dc teams down from the landing bay.
-Give them hand.
-No time.
Seal off everything forward of frame 30 and
start an emergency vent of all compartments.
Wait, I've got over 100 people
trapped up behind frame 34.
-I just need a minute to get them out.
-If we don't seal it off now,
we're gonna lose a lot more than 100 men.
Seal it off now.
-They just need a minute!
-We don't have a minute!
If the fire reaches the hangar pods,
it'll ignite the fuel lines,
and we'll lose the ship. Do it!
All hands...seal off...
all bulkheads 25 through 40.
It's an order.
Get out of here now! Go!
I gotta vent the compartment!
Venting complete.
The fires are out.
If they remembered their training
and they had their suits on
and they were braced for possible vent action...
-there's a lot of rooks in there.
-No one's a rook anymore.
One, two, seven.
Thank the lords of kobol.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Last one. 47.
Excuse me.
I forgot my glasses.
I must've left them somewhere.
Could you please read this for me?
-Aren't you Gaius baltar?
-Yeah, I haven't done anything.
This lady has ticket number 47.
This lady here.
Could you come up here, please?
What are you doing?
-Giving up my seat.
-Like hell.
A civilian should take my place.
You're going.
Look at those clouds.
Sharon, look at those clouds.
And tell me this isn't the end of everything.
-Whatever future is left is gonna
depend on whoever survives.
Give me one reason why I'm a better choice
than one of the greatest minds of our time.
-you can do this without me.
I know you can.
You've proven it.
Get on board.
Wait, wait.
I think you better go.
Stay back, stay back.
it's over, it's over.
Stay back, stay back, stay back.
It's over, it's over.
It's over.
Get down! get down!
This is an official colonial government broadcast.
All ministers and officials should now go to case orange.
Repeat! This is an official colonial government broadcast.
All ministers and officials should now go to case orange.
It's an automated message.
It's designed to be sent out
in case the
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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