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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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Grab your sidearm.
-Just stand your ground.
Captain, are you all right?
I'm fine.
Uh, my name's Aaron doral.I met you before.
Took some publicity photos with...
you and your father.What are these things?
-Electric pulse generators from the galactica.
-Really? That's interesting.
Captain, I can't tell you
how glad I am to see you.
Why is that?
Well, personally, I'd feel a lot better if
someone qualified were in charge around here.
Is something wrong with your pilot?
No, it's just that he's not the one giving orders.
This is a..it's a bad situation, isn't it, sir?
-Yes, it is.
What if we transfer the l-containers
from bay three to bay four.
Then, we would have one, two,
and three for passengers.
Yeah, that's doable.That's a lot of heavy lifting
without dock loaders though.
A little hard work is just what
the people need right now.
Good to see you again.
Thanks for the lift.
You should thank her.
Start the cargo transfer
and prep A3 for survivors.
Yes, ma'am.
I'm sorry, survivors?
As soon as the attack began,
the government ordered a full stop
on all civilian vessels.
So now we've got hundreds
of stranded ships in the solar system.
Some are lost, some are damaged,
some are losing power.
We have enough space on this ship
to accommodate up to 500 people.
We're gonna need every bit of it.
But we don't even know what the
tactical situation is out there.
The tactical situation is that we are losing.
Right, captain?
So we pick up as many people as we can.
We try to find a safe haven to put down.
Captain, I'd like you to look over the navigational
charts for a likely place to hide from the cylons.
That's all.
Lady's in charge.
That's as close as you get,okay?
Let's just settle down here.
Settle down, and no one gets hurt.
I gotta get on board.
I'll give you 50,000 cubits.
We're not taking money.
This isn't a rescue ship.
This is a military vessel.
We're not taking money.
-Please, you've got to take my nephew.
-We are not taking money.
I'll get on that ship.
-What about the children?
-What about my wife?
-Yeah, what about the children?
-All right, all right. All right.
Children first.
How many are there?
-Come on.
-There's still room, right?
Come on, there's still room.
All right, we can take three more people.
That's the maximum load
if we're gonna break orbit.
-Who chooses the three, you?
-no one chooses, no one.
Everyone gets a number,
put the numbers in a box, take out three.
That's it!
No arguing, no appeal.
-How can we trust you?
-And I will shoot the first person
who tries to board before then.
Helo, get your flight manual,
tear out the pages.
Attention! Inbound dradis contact.
Rated highly probable enemy fighter.
All hands stand by for battle maneuvers.
-Launch vipers.
-Vipers clear to launch.
Joker, this is shooter.
I have control.  Stand by.
Viper 110424. Clear forward.
Nav-con green.
Interval check.
Nav-cav ready.
Thrust positive and good luck.
Thrusters positive.
Stand by.
-Thrusters fluctuating.
-Abort take-off.
Galactic viper 8547, copy that.
Throttle down, tube safe.
-Roger, viper.
-Frak, get me outta here.
Let's go, let's go,
let's go!
Let's get the bird out.
Cally, prosna, on the nose.
Next two, wing push.
Last two, guide.
Okay, hold it, hold it.
Ladder's on.
Get her out of there.
Cally, prosna,
figure out what's going on.
-Three fraking aborts, chief?
-We're on it, sir. The pressure rate valve again.
-We should pull it.
-We can't. We don't have a spare.
Bow up half.
Forward left.
turn right full.
inbound enemy contact, bearing 247.
Range 115. Closing.
-Let's go!
-Come on, let's go,let's go.
We can just pull the valve
and bypass the whole system.
We can't do that. The relay will blow.
Just pull the valve.
Engines all ahead full.
-Ahead full, sir.
-Engines report ahead
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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