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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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got it, Chief.
No  Cally there's three.
I know there's three.
Can you check it again for me, please ?
At least get some starting to work ?
We'll sleep when we're dead, come on.
Heard the latest ?
You see, Cylons look like us, now.
- Primary fuel ?
- Primary fuel 2893 K.R.G.
A marine told one of the pilots that
we marooned some guy back on Ragnar.
because the X.O. thought
that he was a cylon.
You know what ?
I don't give a frack !
Red light on the number-4 thruster.
Go make a visual I.D., see if it's blocked.
- Allright.
- Allright...
A little rough on the
new E.C.O. Don't you think?
He's not my E.C.O.
He's some refugee from triton that I've been
saddled with, and I didn't ask you.
- Helo's gone, Sharon.
- I didn't ask you that either !
- Colony?
- Saggitaron.
- How many have you got?
- 5 251 survivors from Saggitaron, last count.
We can't transmit photos, yet.
So if you want, you can
leave 'em here with us...
or you can put 'em on
the board outside. I'm sorry.
Colony ?
Update on the head count...
Madam President.
How did we lose 300?
There were some overcounts
A few deaths from wounds, and...
a few missing during the last attack.
Do you want Children, Gaius?
Let me think about that, for a minute.
Procreation is one of
God's commandments.
Really ?
Well, I'm sure some day,
if you're a good Cylon...
he'll reward you with a lovely little
walking toaster of your very own.
I want us to have a Child, Gaius.
You can't be serious.
- It's doctor... Amarak !
- What was that ?!
So sorry for interrupting you,
while you were... speaking.
You were just saying ?
Oh, I... was just saying
that a doctor... Amarak
had requested to speak
with the president.
Dr. Amarak, I see.
You know him?
- Have you allways been
able to multitask like that?
- Yes, yes.
I used to work with him
at the ministery of Defense.
It says here that...
he's uncovered important information,
regarding how the Cylons were
able to defeat colonial defenses.
I was always a little worried he was on to us.
Were you...
... going to speak to him ?
perhaps I should speak to him if you're busy.
Actually, I...
I think he wanted to speak
directly with the president.
Sounded urgent.
It must be very very important
Maybe something about a certain
traitor in the president's inner circle.
There's not enough time before we jump. I want
him on board first thing during the next cycle.
Oh, thank you, Doctor
I'd say you have
a serious problem.
If I can help.
He's a strange one, isn't he ?
12 more cases of nervous
exhaustion. That makes 61.
Have the doc start
pumping 'em up with stimulants.
Get 'em back on the line. Pilots too.
[Dualla]  Field report.
One out of every three, every other cycle.
That's gonna come back
and bite us in the ass.
- Well, we have too much work
and not enough people to do it.
- Field Report ?
- I've already signed one of these.
- Yes sir, I'm sorry sir.
Com trafic too, from the President.
- Is this my 10 minutes or is it yours?
- Yours.
I took 10 last time
See you guys in combat.
I believe it was your 10 minutes, Sir.
The old man's so tired he can't
remember that it's his turn...
You see the note from the X.O. ?
Yeay, I saw it. No way.
- Kara, everyone else...
-I don't fly with stims.
they blunt your reflexes,
your reaction time.
Com'n Kara, gimme a break.
it's just--
Why are we arguing about this ?
I have no idea.
Neither do I.
You're the CAG, act like one.
What the hell does that mean ?
It  means that you're still acting
like you're everyone's best friend.
We're not friends,
you are the CAG.
"Be careful out there" ?!
Our job isn't to be careful, it's to
shoot Cylons out of the frackin' sky.
"Good hunting"
is what you say.
And now one of your idiot pilots is acting
like a child and refusing to take her pills.
So,  she either says "Yes, sir"
and obeys a direct order...
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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