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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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of your father's.
-Service is gonna miss him when he retires.
-Well, I'm sure someone will.
Is your auto-landing system down?
I was hands-on for the whole approach.
It's all hands-on here, captain.
There are no auto-landings on the galactica.
Commander Adama's orders.
Is that right?
Attention in the port hangar deck.
Raptor touching down.
Clear.  Checker is red.
Nice flying, lieutenant.
I think they heard that clear up to the bridge.
Yeah, I'm gonna catch hell from the L.S.O.,
But it wasn't entirely my fault, chief.
-Primary gimbal's acting up again.
-Oh, it's the gimbal's fault again.
-Helo, am I lying?
-Gimbal looked bad to me.
I've pulled that gimbal three times
and stripped it twice.
-The gimbal's not the problem, sir.
-You're not listening to me, chief.
Lieutenant, I listen very closely to what
each and every one of my pilots has to say.
You're not the one out there trying to bring
in 50 tons of raptor
-onto a moving hangar deck with a bad gimbal.
-I've got ten years experience!
-Here we go!
-Breaking down and stripping
every component in every system
that's ever been installed
in every spacecraft in my hangar deck.
-The gimbal is broken.
-Shut up, sir.
-Morning, sir!
All right.
Now, today's the main event.
We have formation demonstration,
fly-by maneuvers, in conjunction
with the decommissioning ceremony.
I've got a few changes to the flight plan.
Lieutenant Thrace is being replaced
in the slot by lieutenant Anders.
Also, we have captain Lee adama joining us,
and he's going to be flying lead during the fly-by.
-So please welcome the captain.
-Good to have you. Welcome, Apollo.
Welcome aboard, captain.
Now, thanks to chief Tyrol and
his deck gang, captain,
you're gonna have the honor of flying the actual viper
that your father flew almost 40 years ago.
Great, that's, um... that's..
-that's quite an honor.
-Yes, it is, captain.
And personally, I can't think of a better
way to send this ship into retirement.
It may interest you to know that the final
results  for the C.N.P. Project are...
working close to 95% efficiency throughout the fleet.
Hold your applause, please.
No applause for me?
I doubt you would have ever completed
the project without me.
-Yes, well, you helped a bit.-I rewrote half your algorithms.
All right, you were extremely helpful,
but let's not forget you got something out of it.
All that poking around inside the defense mainframe.
Should give you a huge advantage
bidding for the contract next year.
-You know that's not really why I did it.
-No, you did it 'cause you love me.
That, and god wanted me to help you.
Right, he spoke to you, did he?
You had a chat?
He didn't speak to me in a literal voice.
-And you don't have to mock my faith.
-I'm sorry.
I'm just not very religious.
Does it bother you that I am?
It puzzles me that an intelligent,
attractive woman, such as yourself,
should be taken in by all
that mysticism and superstition. But...
I'm willing to overlook it
on account of your other attributes.
I have to go.
I'm meeting someone.
Really? Who is he?I'm insanely jealous.
I doubt that.
You're so touchy today.
Well, as a matter of fact,
I'm meeting someone too.
Business. A new project at defense I might do.
Um, so, uh...
you'll call me later, right?
It's about time.
I wondered when you'd get here.
-Secretary Roslin.
-I'm Mr. Kirkeya.
-Oh, sorry. Hi.
My name's Aaron doral.
I'm from public relations.
-I'd like to welcome you aboard galactica.
-Thank you.
If you follow me,
I'll show you to your quarters.
Attention, all hands,
at this time, galactica would like to welcome aboard
secretary of education, Laura Roslin.
The secretary is a member of the president's cabinet,
and we're honored by her presence aboard our ship
and her participation this afternoon
in galactica's decommissioning ceremony.
Madam secretary?
Madam secretary!
Attention, all hands,
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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