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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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drive's spun up and ready.
Jump in five, four, three, two, one.
CRASHDOWN: Whoa, baby!
[System beeping]
Frack me!
[Beeping continues]
Gaeta, the fracking idiot.
You can't plan a jump that close to a planet.
What if we jumped into it?
It was great. It's fine. We made it. We're cool.
CRASHDOWN: Are you seeing this?
[Solemn instrumental music]
No. Let me at this thing.
Okay. Atmosphere reads as:
Nitrogen, oxygen. Looks like enough CO2
for green leafy things.
I'm getting excited here, Boomer.
Boomer, this could be it.
This could be the big one. This is the little
planet that solves all our problems.
Do you think this is Earth?
No. It's not Earth.
It's more important than that.
[Thunder rumbling]
Doesn't really work as well as before, huh?
You know, I do get cold.
There's some things you should know, Helo.
Don't call me that.
You're not even Sharon.
You're not even human.
So don't act like you know me...
because you don't!
But I am Sharon! And that's part
of what you need to understand!
Sharon was a friend of mine!
Whatever twisted thing you are,
you are not Sharon! You got that?
The only thing I want from you
is a way off this fracked up world. That's it!
APOLLO: Going hunting?
I'm adding a gunnery run
to the jump test tomorrow.
See if our boy
can shoot anything with our ammo.
So it's a boy now?
STARBUCK: I changed my mind.
APOLLO: You ever wonder why
everyone calls it a she, but to you, it's a he?
It's fascinating, Lee.
You should write a paper.
It's not really my scene.
I'm not as smart as, say, Dr. Baltar.
APOLLO: How is the Vice President,
by the way?
I don't know. Haven't seen him.
So he's a "love them and leave them"
kind of guy, I guess.
I guess.
APOLLO: Ships just pass in the night.
APOLLO: Didn't mean a thing.
Just bored. Looking for something to do.
So fracking the Vice President
seemed like a great way to waste some time.
- You want something from me?
- Not a thing.
- I don't owe you anything.
- You don't owe me anything.
Because I'm just a CAG,
and you're just a pilot.
- Right.
- A pilot that can't keep her pants on!
It's just like old times, Kara.
Like when you got drunk and couldn't keep
your hands off the major from wherever...
Why did you do it, Kara? Just tell me why.
Because I'm a screw-up, Lee.
Try and keep that in mind.
BILLY: Commander Adama is
sending out another Raptor...
to conduct an aerial survey of this planet.
BILLY: It appears to have suffered
some sort of calamity...
but it could actually be inhabitable.
BILLY: Aerial survey shows evidence
of at least one city on the surface.
BILLY: It was obviously abandoned
long ago.
ELOSHA: How old are the ruins?
We won't know for sure
until we send a ground team...
but the initial estimates have it...
on the order of approximately 2,000 years.
That's around the time
the 13 Tribes first left Kobol.
ROSLIN: Let me see.
Ruins? What ruins?
This is an inhabited city.
Look at the buildings.
ELOSHA: What did you see? Tell me, Laura.
[Solemn instrumental music]
A dome-like structure with six roads
leading out of it like spokes.
With something around it like columns, like
a forum, like the forum on Caprica, actually.
ELOSHA: The forum in the opera house
in the city of the gods on Kobol.
This planet is Kobol.
[Solemn instrumental music intensifies]
BILLY: Kobol like Kobol?
ELOSHA: The birthplace of mankind.
Where the gods and man lived in paradise.
Until the exodus of the 13 Tribes.
Madam President, what's going on?
It's real. The scriptures, the myths,
the prophecies. They're all real.
So say we all.
BALTAR: Hello, Lieutenant.
BOOMER: Hey, Doc.
This is a bad time, right?
No. I'm just cleaning my gun.
BOOMER: What's going on?
I was going to ask you the same question.
BALTAR: Actually, I was
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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