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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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I think the people need me.
Excuse us.
[Music continues playing]
that bum knee of yours
is looking pretty good.
And the other one's not too bad either.
Lee, if you want to ask me to dance,
just ask.
You want to dance?
Me in a dress
is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
- Madam President.
- Mr. Zarek.
Oh, don't worry,
I won't be kissing you today.
That's a shame.
I shaved very closely in anticipation
of being smacked by you.
That was very nicely played.
But there's still a presidential election
in six months.
- I'll see you then.
- I have no doubt.
Oh, one thing you should know.
I didn't kill Valance.
I wonder who did?
[All applauding]
Madam President, good evening.
I thought you hated these things.
It's Colonial Day.
Where else would I be? I'm a patriot.
You really are, aren't you?
ADAMA: Dr. Baltar. Interesting choice.
I figured, the devil you know.
Politics. As exciting as war.
ADAMA: Definitely as dangerous.
Though in war you only get killed once.
In politics, it can happen over and over.
You're still standing.
So are you.
And I can dance.
[Music continues playing]
- I have a surprise for you.
- Should I be worried?
[Giggling mischievously]
Not unless you consider a day...
in a luxury suite aboard the Rising Star
as something to be worried about.
What? How did you swing that?
I have my ways.
[Ellen giggles]
[Ellen exclaims contentedly]
What you need to do...
is figure out a way to get slave-driving Bill
to give you the day off.
TIGH: [Chuckling] Yeah.
And while we're there, we might want
to talk to a few people...
- about your future.
- What?
Later, my love. It can all wait until later.
[Ominous instrumental music]
Any second now.
[Both panting]
If we get caught... If anything happens...
You don't have to say anything. I know.
We're going to make it, Sharon. Okay?
[Ship humming]
Okay. Go.
[Tense instrumental music]
[Solemn instrumental music]
[Mysterious instrumental music]
[Muffled speech]
[Suspenseful instrumental music]
[Gripping instrumental music]
We're still alive. Why nobody else?
You never get tired.
Trust me.
Helo, come with me. Helo.
[Exclaiming in despair]
[Theme music]NARRATOR: Previously on
Battlestar Galactica.
[Dramatic instrumental music]
STARBUCK: Like my new toy?
It's my very own Cylon Raider.
Boy, when you take a souvenir,
you don't screw around.
Congratulations, Doctor.
You've just uncovered your very first Cylon.
She probably doesn't know.
If something happened to you...
I wouldn't know how to deal with it.
I feel the same way.
BOOMER: I'm a Cylon.
Helo, come with me. Helo.
Helo, come with me!
ADAMA: New piece of equipment
that just appeared in CIC.
OFFICER: He had this when we found him.
Send it to Galactica. The lab can look at it.
It's a Cylon device.
I'll continue to take the Chamalla.
It has other benefits.
The hallucinations?
You're going to find Kobol.
Birthplace of us all.
He says we're gonna find Kobol,
and that it's gonna lead us to Earth.
[Solemn instrumental music]
You all right?
[Solemn instrumental music continues]
You all right?
HELO: Stop! Don't come any closer.
[Solemn instrumental music continues]
Just do it.
BOOMER: Oh, God.
PA SYSTEM: Attention.
Pass the word for Lt. Valerii.
Lt. Valerii, report to the Ready Room
for a pre-flight briefing.
[Solemn instrumental music continues]
[Door closing]
You don't lose control.
You got to lose control.
Let your instincts take over.
I thought we were just sparring.
That's why you don't win.
[Solemn instrumental music continues]
[Theme music]
[Mechanical whirring]
[Computer beeping]
ROSLIN: The doctor said I have six months
at the outside.
He said the cancer's moved
into my lymphatic system.
Aggressively moved in.
I want you to hear me on this.
You made
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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