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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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gonna be your policeman.
There's a reason we have
separated military and the police.
One fights the enemy of the state
the other serves and protects the people.
When the military becomes... both
Then the 'enemies of the state',
tend to become the people.
I appreciate the complexity of the issue.
And I wont let that happen.
I'll send troups to the cruise ship.
Commander I won't let that happen.
Beginning dradis o­ne sweep...
Beginning dradis two sweep.
So, I'm thinking that we should give this
lovely little rock of nothing a name.
I'm thinking...
"Kimiko" ?
After a lovely little lady in a lovely
little city in a lovely little colony
that I used to know.
So sorry, you had
such a good run, though.
Well, it looks like the bet's to me.
I will try and muddle through
for another round. Um...
I'm going to...
Raise you, five.
"No guts, no glory", Doctor.
I'll see your five, and hmm...
Raise you 20.
This is just you and me!
I'm not used to playing in
this kind of high-stakes game.
It's not too late to bow out.
Now there's an excellent suggestion, and you
know what ? Before proceeding any further...
I should really examine
my motivations for doing so.
Staying in the game, I run the
risk of losing my entire stake...
and being humiliated in front
of all these lovely people.
Humiliated is such a strong word.
Would be my choice.
You do play rough, though, don't you?
I'am a little too rough for you.
Well my hand is not that strong. It certainly
wouldn't take much to knock me out of the game.
Well, thank you, Doctor.
Whithout a little risk
life would be so dull, wouldn't it ?
Call it.
Three on a run.
Full Colors.
Thank you.
Thank you all.
For a most...
Pleasant evening. hmm.
A parting gift?
Hand-rolled from some of the
finest fumarello leaf on Caprica.
It's also one of the last
left in the universe.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
Raptors have reported back after 3 star systems
so far. All reports negative for water, Sir.
I just checked with astrometrics.
They're coming up with big goose eggs.
There's no star systems...
Within the range of our telescopes, with
planetary bodies likely to have water on 'em.
Sir ?
Another Raptor just checked in,
Negative on water as well.
Who's left?
Boomer and Crashdown, Sir.
Well, if they come up negative as well...
what's our backup-plan?
We jump, to another sector.
start the search all over again.
Needle in a haystack..
More like grain of salt on a beach.
Still nothing. And...
'H-2O Non Dйtectй'
More nothin'
I've got nothing here either.
' H-2O Dйtectй'
'Contacts Multiples'
Well, then that's it.
Five moons, five zeroes. I'm getting
thirsty just thinking about it.
I hope somebody else
has more luck out there.
What's on your mind, Boomer?
I don't know.
I have this feeling...
let's run that last sweep again.
You're the boss.
Beginning sweep 21.
Beginning sweep 22.
Boomer I'm getting nothing
again, how about you ?
I- I'm having trouble saying it.
What do you mean?
' H-2O Dйtectй '
'Contacts Multiples'
I think... I see...
Oh, I have positive contact. Yeah !
What do you mean ?
Oh... YES !
Yeah ! Gods...
Good call, boomer ! Whoo !
- Sir, dradis just picked up boomer's raptor.
- Let's hear it.
Galactica/Crashdown, dradis sweep's indicated
it's time to break out the swim trunks...
because we found water.
Repeat, positive water contact !
Patch me in to the entire fleet.
You are connected, Sir.
Attention. This is the Commander...
We have found water.
let's go have a drink.
I think they're pleased, I can hear
them screaming in the background.
Sharon, careful with that needle.
We're running low on
anti-radiation meds.
Not really mom's home-cooking.
Yeah ? Beats eating grass and leaves.
We'll be cooking up a fine meal of
twigs and moss by the end of week.
You spoil me.
Can I ask you
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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