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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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Can't move.
Then you...
certainly wouldn't want me
to do this.
Oh for....
l told you not to move.
l'm so terribly sorry, Doctor.
lt won't happen again.
All right. Now l have to reset
and start from the beginning.
Now he's got to reset
and start all over again.
Why are you doing this to me?
(No. 6)
Come on, Gaius, even back
when you weren't nuts...
there was always
that little voice
in your head.
That little voice helping you
through the rough times,
l'm just the latest version
of that little voice.
l don't believe that
for one moment.
No, God has a plan for me.
God's plan?
(No. 6 laughing)
Okay. Yeah,
God has a plan and...
there is a God
and he talks to Gaius Baltar.
Shut up will you!
Will you stop going
crazy in there?
l'm not crazy.
Once you find this tomb,
you know he's gonna have
you killed, right?
He's not like that.
He's a soldier,
you're the enemy.
Nothing's gonna change that.
Your twin,
your copy or whatever--
l know.
The other Sharon
shot the old man.
l've heard it
about a thousand times.
Do you remember shooting him?
lt wasn't me.
Do you remember?
l see.
What do you think
happened to her?
l don't know.
Probably threw her
in the brig or something.
She was murdered
by one of the crew.
And everyone aboard Galactica
just let it happen.
Think l'm lying? Ask Lee.
They're not gonna
let your child be born.
You think they're gonna let
you raise a potential enemy
right in their midst?
You want to get off this
planet alive, you better start
looking out for yourself.
(plants rustling)
Put down your weapon, Captain.
lt's good to see you.
Madam President.
Billy, you have no idea...
what it means to me
to have you here.
lt's good to see you, too.
Oh, my gods. Commander!
She's with us, Commander.
Commander, no!
Get off her.
l want you to die.
Commander, please don't.
We need her.
Commander, you got
to let her go.
(Adama groans)
And you ask why.
(Boomer groans)
(Boomer coughing)
(breathing heavily)
Nothing, nothing,
more nothing.
Are you satisfied?
Yes, l am.
Thank you very much, Doctor.
We're absolutely positive,
aren't we, that there's no...
unidentified objects?
You can obsess over these
as much as you like
on your own time.
Freaking hypochondriac.
One on every bloody ship.
You interfered
with a military mission
and you broke your word to me.
lt's the second part
that really bothers you,
isn't it?
Laura, l forgive you.
Thank you, Bill.
l didn't ask
for your forgiveness.
You have it anyway.
l can't believe the old man
reacted like that.
You know they killed
the other Sharon?
ln cold blood,
not even a trial.
Hello, Chief.
You know who l am?
We haven't met but...
l remember you.
lt's good to see you.
So where does this leave us?
Back to where we started.
Under the yoke
of President Roslin
and Commander Adama.
Not if we go back to the ship
with a map to Earth.
And a sad story of how many
people were killed down
on Kobol by the Cylons.
lt's over.
Let it go for now.
Lieutenant Thrace says that
there are survivors
back on the Colonies.
There are people fighting
against the Cylons every day.
They're fighting
for their homes,
their future.
l see.
Doesn't give you pause?
Maybe your impulse
the day the Cylons
attacked was right.
Maybe we should've stayed
and fought for our homes.
Maybe the President
of the Colonies should've
stayed with her people.
l didn't come here for this.
l didn't come here
to navel-gaze...
or to catalog our mistakes.
We made a decision
to leave the Colonies
after the attack.
We made that decision.
lt was the right one then,
it's the right one now.
So every moment of every day
since then...
is a gift.
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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