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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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on trust,
understanding, and love.
l love everyone on this ship
as much as l love my....
my sons.
Galactica is still a family.
You're an important part
of that family.
Do you understand?
Yes, sir.
Thank you, George.
l'm sure you'll do a fine job.
What the hell? You got me
in here jawing about
picking a new CAG...
and you've already
made your choice?
l just wanted to see
if you and l were
on the same page or not.
l beg your pardon?
l guess we're not.
You guessed right.
You're telling me that kid
is leadership material?
We have very few choices
and he's the best.
He's a good man, Saul.
He's honest and he's loyal.
We need a little bit of that
around here right now.
Well, it's your call.
l'll support it.
Cdr. Adama!
(all clamoring)
(door closes)
Can you tell us about....
Can you make any comments
regarding Laura Roslin....
(hubbub continues)
Please be seated.
This thing working?
Please be seated.
(lady reporter)
Will you be finally addressing
those issues?
(microphone feeding back)
(lady reporter)
will you be responding--
Allow me to make
a statement, please.
Please allow me
to make a statement.
Please be seated.
Thank you very much.
lf you don't already know,
the fleet has been divided.
(all chattering)
We share the grief
of friends lost.
And the resources
we've sacrificed...
will present
new challenges for all of us.
But if we stay together...
we will rise to the occasion
as we have before.
(reporters whispering)
Do you know the coordinates...
the whereabouts of
President Roslin's rebellion?
Do you intend to put
the fleet back together?
First of all, Laura Roslin
is no longer president.
She relinquished that role
when she suborned mutiny
aboard this ship.
Next question.
But, Commander--
Yes, go ahead.
Since the fleet
has been divided--
Commander, you haven't
answered my question yet.
We have lost no one
that cannot be replaced
by someone loyal...
who has chosen
to remain with us.
This is the fleet.
Thank you.
This is the fleet?
(male reporter)
Commander? Commander?
ls there any truth
to the rumor that
there is no Earth...
it doesn't exist
and you just made it up?
What the hell
kind of question is that?
lt's been all over talk
wireless, newsletter circuit,
hand mail.
Freedom of the press
is not a license to slander.
that kind of garbage...
is the quickest way
to find yourself
in a holding cell.
That goes for all of you.
We're done here.
(all clamoring)
Get your hands off me.
(door closes)
Why don't you calm down?
Remind me
not to do that again.
Always looked easy enough
when Roslin did it.
There was an old footbridge
over the Euclid River.
l used to go there
when l was a boy.
Watch the fish
try and swim upstream.
They were mesmerizing.
l envied them...
unaware as they were
of the...
wider complexities,
challenges of life.
You're beginning to see
human beings as we see them.
What l am beginning to see
are Cylon faces,
everywhere l look.
Sharon told me
there were eight Cylons
left in the fleet.
Why didn't l ask her
who they were?
lf that idiot hadn't shot her.
And why is it
when things go wrong,
they go wrong so well--
Gaius, you get yourself
far, far too worked up
about these things.
They do have it easy,
don't they?
Why are you talking to me
like l'm not one of them?
ln some ways,
you never were.
You have a path.
You will be spared their fate.
For once, Gaius, you can stop
manipulating the world and let
destiny take its course.
lf there's one thing
we know about human beings
with certainty...
they are masters
of self-destruction.
Because l love him.
And because l'm carrying
his child.
Oh, l see, that explains it.
You're not here because
you mean us any harm...
or because you're
a programmed enemy
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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