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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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neither were you.
But this isn't my ship,
and it sure as hell
isn't yours. lt's his.
And when he wakes up,
he'll decide what to do
with the both of us.
Thank the gods
l didn't have kids.
(metallic rolling)(male narrator)
Previously on
Battlestar Galactica.
This will be Adama's command
until the day he dies.
And we are not going
to let him die.
Sir, what about our people
on the surface of Kobol?
If they're still alive,
they'll have to wait.
El-tee, l think we should
double-check the supplies
before we bug out.
We don't have the time,
l could give you a shot,
but you wouldn't like
the side effects.
Just do it.
The time is going to come
when you're not going
to be able to hide...
what you're going through.
His lungs are filling up
with fluid, if he doesn't get
more Serisone soon...
he's not gonna make it.
Tarn, you forgot the med kit,
so you've got to go back
and get it.
Take a rifle,
two clips of ammo
and a canteen.
(guns firing)
lt's too late.
He's not gonna make it.
l'm sorry, Chief.
Lords of Kobol...
take these brave men
into your arms.
Take up.... Take...
the spirits
of our fallen friends...
so that they may share
in the everlasting life...
that awaits us all
beyond the vale of tears.
So say we all.
So say we all.
Nothing awaits them.
No eternal life.
No damnation.
Only oblivion.
Because they haven't seen
the face of God, l take it?
Because they died here,
on Kobol.
l see.
Doc, let's go.
We're moving out.
Doc, you hear me?
We're moving out.
No, l did hear you, Chief.
l just don't respond
to the title ''Doc.''
A ''dock'' is
a platform for loading
and unloading material.
My title is Doctor
or Mr. Vice President,
if you don't mind.
You are loading,
are you not?
El-tee? Crash!
Yeah, Chief,
l'll be right there.
No Cylons.
You sure?
Wait a minute.
Tree line, 2:00.
Got them.
What're they doing?
Looks like they're
dismantling the ship.
Why not use it to fly
the hell out of here?
l don't know.
l can't tell.
They're dragging it
into the tree line.
Oh, wait a minute.
They're building something.
Chief, is that a....
A missile.
They're building
a missile battery.
Well, at least we know
why they're not chasing us.
Why aren't they chasing us?
Because they don't have to.
They can just sit back,
launch a missile barrage...
that'll wipe out
every living thing
in this valley.
(people chattering)
Next time
l say l'm in a hurry,
cycle the damn airlock faster.
ls this your first day?
Dr. Cottle,
thank the gods you're here.
The President
needs your help.
Doctor. Doctor!
Let's have some vitals.
Like now.
Two bullets, 9 mm.
This one lacerated the spleen,
the other nicked the aorta.
Now, we've removed
the spleen and felt
we repaired the aorta--
Over the past few hours,
his B.P.'s dropped down again.
lt's only 80l40,
and his heart rate's
creeping back into the 130s.
Well, you missed something.
He's still hemorrhaging
We're gonna lose him
unless we can stop
that bleeding.
Get me an ABG, CBC and coags
and get set up for
a rapid sequence intubation.
ls he gonna make it?
How should l know?
l'm not a psychic.
Now get the hell
out of here.
lt's a mess in here.
Looks like
the mesenteric artery
may have been damaged.
3.7 Mac.
Gods damn it, Kim,
learn the instruments!
l said a 3.7 Mac!
Clamp it. Clamp!
Dr. Cottle,
his pressure's dropping.
lt's 60l30.
Heart rate's starting to fall.
l don't think he can
last much longer.
Just stay focused.
Get some more suction in here
so l can see what l'm doing.
how's the Commander?
How's the Commander?
He's still in surgery.
What's on your mind?
l need some medication
for the President.
She's not the
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2 Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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