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Звезда пленительного счастья

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Come on, Prince, it's not
my intention to find you guilty.
On the contrary, I'm giving you
an opportunity to justify yourself.
But my situation is unenviable
when I'm not trusted.
Meanwhile, I'm only
the first citizen of our country.
You took up arms against
a friend of your cause
and thus tied my intentions.
From the high position I'm placed at,
one cannot but see
that even if any particular
persons were guilty,
there had also been some general
reasons for indignation.
A lot of people are involved.
It's more important for me to know
that, than whether someone's guilty.
You have a wife,
the daughter of Rayevsky.
Your son was born recently.
You may rest assured, Prince,
your children are my children.
If you promise to be Loyal to the
crown, I'll be able to forgive you.
Thank God, we thought
something had happened to you.
How is she?
Did the doctor call?
Calm down, Prince, the doctor was here.
Though all was clear without him.
- What was clear?
- Fits of sickness are inevitable.
God willing, we'll have
a grandchild in winter.
If you can, Sergey Grigorievich,
please, don't leave me
for long periods of time.
We never spend time together.
It's so strange,
I don't know you at all.
I can pardon you,
Prince Sergey Grigorievich.
That's the trouble that you can do
anything, you're above the law.
And I would like your subjects
to be dependent on the law,
and not on your will, caprices
or momentary moods.
Put him in irons!
Incarcerate as a villain!
He's a complete fool, that Prince!
Or a liar
and an utter scoundrel...
There you go, little prince!
There you go, Mikolushka!
Mikolushka! That's a boy!
- Why is this door locked?
- I was told to lock it for the night.
Then unlock it.
Yes, Your Excellency, we'll report it
to Alexander Nikolayevich.
Marie! Marie!
What's the matter?
Hiding the mail from me? I learn about
the winter troubles from hearsay.
Not a single letter from Sergey.
And now this house arrest!
What are you talking about, Marie?
The prince is probably at the Turkish
border. Father will come and tell us.
Father is in St. Petersburg,
not in Bessarabia.
I'm tired, Alexander.
Since the first days of this awful year
I've been so depressed,
and you're indulging me with some
It doesn't befit our friendship.
It's even cruel.
Please, understand, no torture
can be worse than uncertainty.
If you don't tell me now where Sergey
is, I'm going to St. Petersburg.
And you know me, I don't waste words.
Sergey Grigorievich...
how shall I put it...
What happened to him?
Well, all right...
He has been sent to St. Petersburg.
You see...
Say it!
He took part
in the antigovernment conspiracy.
Thank you!
- How shall I announce you?
- Colonel Pestel.
Come on in, be so kind.
Please accept our deepest apologies
for intruding at such a late hour.
- Something happened?
- We have to be in Uman by morning.
Allow me to introduce Prince
Yablonovsky and Mr. Grodetsky.
- You'd better spend the night here.
- It's out of the question, Prince.
We must go to Warsaw immediately.
The Polish Society
is waiting for our answer.
Just married and now back to
my regiment?
There may be not another such
opportunity for a year or longer.
When and where?
Tomorrow in Uman, at your
apartment at 1 p.m.
All right, I'll be there.
Thank you. I knew
I could rely on you.
Thank you!
Are you glad?
There's no such awful thing
Volkonsky hadn't been involved in.
He has a fortress in store for him,
or even more horrible... hard labor.
The most horrible is behind us.
Now he will need me.
The night of July 12-13, 1826.
These state criminals
condemned to political death,
upon being deprived of ranks,
orders and the status of nobility,
are to be exiled to hard labor
according to the categories.
Lieutenant Annenkov! Stop it!
- What is it?
- It hasn't been cut out right!
Proposed to deprive the
Звезда пленительного счастья Звезда пленительного счастья

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