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Звезда пленительного счастья

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I'm not going to live.
- Faster!
- We can't go faster than that...
Hurry up, please!
Quick! Go!
We need to change horses,
and where can we get new ones?
- Here.
- Thank you very much.
Somehow or other.
Come what may! Faster!
We'll get you there!
Wait! Stop!
Jean! Jean!
Don't leave!
The Emperor's answer!
- How long will we stay here?
- I guess we can fix it in a week.
Seven days?!
It's been badly broken, Your
Excellency, we rode like crazy!
We'll have to travel by relay horses.
- But it means a springless cart.
- Other people use it.
People? Only mouzhiks and convicts.
- Did they carry them on carts?
- Sure thing.
God will help us.
What's the matter, Charles?
Madame, think about your parents!
I promised them that we return
if the journey is dangerous.
I'm in despair! Why didn't I convince
you to spend the night in Tomsk?
I've seen a wolf!
Princess Yekaterina Ivanovna has
ordered to take you to Tomsk.
I've got the money for our journey to
St. Petersburg and your salary.
She took her carefully
and brought her home,
made a little nest,
just like for Mikola Sergeyevich,
put Katechka in there and went to
the woods to pick mushrooms...
"I'm always under surveillance,
even more strict
than in a fortress.
You must obey
your sense of responsibility.
You're a mother and a daughter.
I'm ready to sacrifice everything,
if only it will give you peace.
My precious friend Marie!
Whatever you may decide,
and even if this decision will deprive
me of the hope of ever seeing you,
that sorrow of mine will be
alleviated by the belief
that you fully
partake of my plight
and that your decision was caused
by the cruel circumstances."
I don't believe it!
I'll never reproach you for anything.
Darling Sergey!
Nikolai Pavlovich questioned me
at some length about the prince.
Of course, I tried to vindicate
Sergey as well as I could.
But it was impossible
to belittle the prince's guilt.
The Tsar even said that Volkonsky
is unworthy of our sympathy.
I wouldn't have stopped to extirpate
my respect for him
and consider my daughter's
obligations annulled.
But I understand her: nothing is worse
than eternal separation from him.
Don't worry, father.
I have no other troubles except those
that concern Sergey.
I guess one has to have
a stronger willpower,
not to devote oneself
to those who need it.
I know I will be able to endure
anything being beside Sergey.
You want to bury yourself alive?
In the name of what?
Volkonsky is a conspirator!
Your foremost duty now is your son!
You're going to kill your son!
Only a year ago you were persuading
me of my fiance's virtues.
And today you deny me a consolation.
I want you to know that I love
my husband.
And I expect from you
at least a little compassion.
You're deceiving yourself.
You don't feel anything for him.
I guess it's the Volkonsky women's
letters that speak for her.
Oh, God...
And first of all, his mother's,
who'd gone out of her mind long ago.
They convinced her she's a heroine,
and she tortures herself like a fool.
Look, Masha, if I knew
that you were going there for love,
that your delusion would not
I would have agreed
to bury you alive.
I would've wept over you with tears
of blood and let you go, nonetheless.
I can use my power to stop you.
But, please, stop yourself!
Coming to your senses in Siberia
would be a tragedy for you.
Have pity for your father, Marie!
Princess Yekaterina Ivanovna!
You're the last person I expected
to see in this house.
Governor Tsejdler at your service.
Please, have a seat.
Allow me to remain standing.
I understand. It's no laughing matter:
so many versts on our bad roads.
- Pafnuti!
- Yes, I know, Your Excellency!
Could you tell me...
why I was not given horses?
There must be none.
It's strange, because the postmaster
pleaded some ban.
Yes, yes, yes... Excuse me.
You see, I must inform you
Звезда пленительного счастья Звезда пленительного счастья

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