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Звезда пленительного счастья

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allowed to a commoner.
By insisting on the rights
of commoners,
a woman of noble birth may reduce
herself to...
Everything is ready, Count!
Catherine, my poor child!
To flee the French Revolution, only
to give your daughter to a conspirator!
Support us, o Lord,
in well-being and prosperity...
Save, Lord, thy servant...
Yes, Princess.
Let's go, with God's help!
Mommy, let's go!
Let's go, mommy!
Mommy, let's go!
Your Majesty!
Will you please speak Russian?
I don't speak Russian.
Come closer.
- What would you like?
- Hear me out, Sire!
Your Majesty,
as a special favour,
please allow me to join Lieutenant
Annenkov in his exile.
Is he your husband?
I would have wedded him
if I wished to transgress
the bounds of propriety.
I've decided
on that daring act
after learning that Russian women
who wished to follow their husbands
found compassion in you.
But this is not your country, Madame!
I'll renounce my country.
Take her petition.
Your Majesty!
Stop, I beg you!
Europe talks about your mercifulness
to the families of the wretched men.
A prophet is not without honor,
except in his own country.
Europe didn't doubt my heart.
I'll give you the answer in 3 days.
To own serfs,
to revel in luxury,
and to consider oneself free?
For heaven's sake, gentlemen!
Will the life of our gentry forever
stagnate from corruption and idleness?
Isn't that ignominy going to arouse
shame and disgust in us?
What will you say, Lieutenant?
I'm ashamed of the class I belong to.
I'm a slave, just like
my mother's house serfs.
The only difference is
that I'm conscious of my enslavement.
Natalie, baby,
where are you going?
Sometimes I even treated my old
servant who adored me
in the manner of a true son
of my mother.
Where were you hiding, Fedya?
All right, I'm forgiving you
this time.
Thank you very much, sir.
The other day your mother bought
100 yards of fabric for a dress.
Don't talk rubbish.
And it's not the first time.
As soon as there's an expensive
fabric on sale, she buys it all,
so that in all Moscow,
and not only in Moscow,
in all Russia,
only she had a dress like that.
Oh, Our Lady in Heaven,
save Vanechka from trouble!
Brush it up.
Stop jerking the comb!
Let me see.
All right, leave that lock there.
I'm sick and tired of you, Ivan.
The last time you killed someone in
a duel, now you've lost 60 thousand.
Tomorrow morning you're going to
St. Petersburg.
I'm not giving you any cash.
You'll be fed by Fedka on your way.
I myself will pay your debt.
Don't dare meet your brother.
Come on, kiss my hand!
And don't dare coming to me in Moscow
without my permission!
Sir Roland
squeezed her hand...
Oh God, the same pleasantness,
the same loveliness
on that dear face.
"Don't squeeze my hand so, Sir
Roland," I interrupted his speech.
"You will sadden me
if you make me repeat..."
Mademoiselle Pauline!
Champagne is poured in a flow,
And misty view somewhat obscured,
With everything, just take and go,
With everything as if for good.
A wooden cross it'll be, or leaden,
With which to death we're betrothed.
Don't ever promise to a maiden
Eternal love on our earth.
Only inequality stood between me
and her.
You may not believe me, Sire,
but my arrest had even made me happy.
The barrier that stood in the way of
our union with her has disappeared.
At last I'm stripped of all rights,
of my fortune, of my status of gentry.
Stand back!
I would gladly pardon you, Cavalry
Only tell me, since you knew of the
conspiracy, why didn't you report it?
Did you hear the question?
Answer it!
It's not honourable to report on your
What do you know about honour?!
- Do you know what you deserve?
- Death, Sire.
Do you expect to be shot?
And cut an interesting figure?
I'll make you rot in prison.
What are you doing?!
What's on your mind?
And you, why didn't you watch him?
Звезда пленительного счастья Звезда пленительного счастья

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