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Звезда пленительного счастья

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told to lock it for the night.
Then unlock it.
Yes, Your Excellency, we'll report it
to Alexander Nikolayevich.
Marie! Marie!
What's the matter?
Hiding the mail from me? I learn about
the winter troubles from hearsay.
Not a single letter from Sergey.
And now this house arrest!
What are you talking about, Marie?
The prince is probably at the Turkish
border. Father will come and tell us.
Father is in St. Petersburg,
not in Bessarabia.
I'm tired, Alexander.
Since the first days of this awful year
I've been so depressed,
and you're indulging me with some
It doesn't befit our friendship.
It's even cruel.
Please, understand, no torture
can be worse than uncertainty.
If you don't tell me now where Sergey
is, I'm going to St. Petersburg.
And you know me, I don't waste words.
Sergey Grigorievich...
how shall I put it...
What happened to him?
Well, all right...
He has been sent to St. Petersburg.
You see...
Say it!
He took part
in the antigovernment conspiracy.
Thank you!
- How shall I announce you?
- Colonel Pestel.
Come on in, be so kind.
Please accept our deepest apologies
for intruding at such a late hour.
- Something happened?
- We have to be in Uman by morning.
Allow me to introduce Prince
Yablonovsky and Mr. Grodetsky.
- You'd better spend the night here.
- It's out of the question, Prince.
We must go to Warsaw immediately.
The Polish Society
is waiting for our answer.
Just married and now back to
my regiment?
There may be not another such
opportunity for a year or longer.
When and where?
Tomorrow in Uman, at your
apartment at 1 p.m.
All right, I'll be there.
Thank you. I knew
I could rely on you.
Thank you!
Are you glad?
There's no such awful thing
Volkonsky hadn't been involved in.
He has a fortress in store for him,
or even more horrible...hard labor.
The most horrible is behind us.
Now he will need me.
The night of July 12-13, 1826.
These state criminals
condemned to political death,
upon being deprived of ranks,
orders and the status of nobility,
are to be exiled to hard labor
according to the categories.
Lieutenant Annenkov! Stop it!
- What is it?
- It hasn't been cut out right!
Proposed to deprive the Emperor
and his Imperial family
of freedom
when seizing the palace.
Directed the Northern secret society
which plotted mutiny.
Agreed to be named the head and
ringleader of the army revolt,
though did not participate in it
Who could know there'd be such
a delay with logs.
- And what's the problem?
- The cart broke down on the way.
Come on, men...
Let's take it down together.
We must do it together.
The ropes are too short!
Such a bad luck...
What happened?
Bring him here right away!
What have you been sent to Russia for?
You have no executions anymore.
Where did your Swedish brains look?
We'll have to wait,
Your Excellency.
Mouzhik do mistakes.
Poles not deep.
Bring benches, quick!
What a miserable empire!
They can't even hang people properly.
Bring the Commandant to
His Excellency!
If we don't act, we'll deserve
to be called scoundrels.
That I would consider a failure!
We must only start,
this is in our power.
Military bravery and political
foolhardiness are not the same thing.
In the present circumstances,
an uprising means death!
Yes, we will die,
but we'll set an example
for the others.
...To put to death
Pavel Pestel, Kondraty Ryleyev,
Sergey Muraviev-Apostol,
Mikhail Bestuzhev-Ryumin
and Pyotr Kakhovsky,
as determined by the court verdict.
For their heinous deeds,
these criminals are to be hanged.
What day is today?
O Lord, stretch forth Thine hand
on Your servants.
Pardon their transgressions, deliver
their souls, O Lord, in Your realm!
Give me your hand.
Listen... does my heart beat faster?
Give my husband back to me!
Give my husband back to me!
Don't make him perish!
Nastenka! Beg father!
Beg him, Nastenka!
Beg him for yourself and for me!
Звезда пленительного счастья Звезда пленительного счастья

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