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Звезда пленительного счастья

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Eternal love on our earth.
Twenty kilometers on foot
are a dubious pleasure.
It's getting late.
It would be more prudent to come back.
Leave me alone!
I insist on it!
Oh? So if you don't love me...
What are you going to do then?
- I'll fight!
- With whom?
With anyone who dares to look at you!
And if it's not only one man?
I'll fight them all!
You'll get killed, and it will serve
you right!
I love you like a madman!
Thousands of Russians and your
compatriots lost their lives here.
There was war here in 1812.
Who knows, maybe my uncle's
remains lie in these parts,
he was the jolliest man in the world.
My uncle and my father
served Bonaparte.
Your father fought against Russia?
No, he died
in the Spanish Kingdom.
I was orphaned
when I was not yet nine.
Stop it! These sounds have been giving
me a shudder since I was a child.
My father hated Bonaparte.
Any royalist would've paid with his
life for sympathy to the Bourbons.
Though any revolution means
blood, orphanhood and suffering.
However, if there has been no
shake-up in France,
I would have never met you
in Russia.
Jean! I'll arrange for your escape.
I'll bribe the soldiers, I'll put
the officer to sleep or poison him.
You'll go in hiding abroad.
I can't, I must share
the fate of my comrades.
No, it's impossible!
I've already prepared everything!
I must share
the fate of my comrades.
So much the better.
Fate has set everything straight
and spared you the cruel lot
of becoming the wife of a convict.
You're insane!
I would be happy to become
the wife of an outcast
if it could only alleviate
your suffering.
Is it true?
Is it true?!
God's servant loann plights his troth
to God's servant Paraskeviya.
Are you joining this holy wedlock
of your good and unconstrained will?
- Excuse me, what does it all mean?
- What do you mean?
We'll be right back.
Mademoiselle Pauline!
Can you explain what's going on?
Look, even if I were dying
of hunger,
I wouldn't have married
a bag of money.
Have a safe journey, Mademoiselle.
So you don't like me?
Bravo, Lieutenant! At last
you thought of such a trifle!
You're too arrogant!
I despise you!
An arrogant
and conceited brat!
Oh, my God! What an idiot!
- Leave me alone! Go away!
- I don't believe you, Mademoiselle!
Shut up!
I hate you!
Is it true?
It's true, Jean,
I want to be your wife.
No one can suspect me of
mercenary intentions now.
Even those at the fashion house
where I still work.
Your purse, Mademoiselle.
Listen... Listen, Jean...
Thank you, Pauline.
But I'm not worthy of your love.
You will meet someone you'll love.
You're going to be happy.
Forget about me!
Forget me forever!
Jean, don't dare saying that!
I'll never be happy without you!
It's all over for me!
I'll live in peace, and as the death
angel cometh, I'll hold out my hands...
Mademoiselle, it's dawn already.
The mistress asks you to come in.
She wasn't receiving you,
because they dined all night.
...I want to save a place
for a man
to whom I'll be inseparably
tied forever.
Oh, my dear friend! What torments
of grief my heart has experienced!
Oh, my lord, that's the end,
very soon my brother
will be united in wedlock
with Miss Clementine!
Poor Henriette!
What a lot for a maiden
whose beauty adorns
the Universe...
I'm very sorry, Madame,
but I must tell you that your son
is imprisoned in a fortress.
Mademoiselle is saying
that His Excellency Ivan Alexandrovich
is in a fortress.
He must have gotten into debts again?
Madame... Madame...
His life is in danger.
Listen to what he's written!
"I don't even have a pin at hand,
with which to put an end to my
Ivan Alexandrovich wants
to kill himself.
That will make our relatives so happy,
they will get everything, scoundrels.
Only you can afford to buy
a foreign passport for your son.
And I'll arrange everything else.
Yes, the passport, the master
must flee...
Звезда пленительного счастья Звезда пленительного счастья

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