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Звезда пленительного счастья

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other troubles except those
that concern Sergey.
I guess one has to have
a stronger willpower,
not to devote oneself
to those who need it.
I know I will be able to endure
anything being beside Sergey.
You want to bury yourself alive?
In the name of what?
Volkonsky is a conspirator!
Your foremost duty now is your son!
You're going to kill your son!
Only a year ago you were persuading
me of my fiance's virtues.
And today you deny me a consolation.
I want you to know that I love
my husband.
And I expect from you
at least a little compassion.
You're deceiving yourself.
You don't feel anything for him.
I guess it's the Volkonsky women's
letters that speak for her.
Oh, God...
And first of all, his mother's,
who'd gone out of her mind long ago.
They convinced her she's a heroine,
and she tortures herself like a fool.
Look, Masha, if I knew
that you were going there for love,
that your delusion would not
I would have agreed
to bury you alive.
I would've wept over you with tears
of blood and let you go, nonetheless.
I can use my power to stop you.
But, please, stop yourself!
Coming to your senses in Siberia
would be a tragedy for you.
Have pity for your father, Marie!
Princess Yekaterina Ivanovna!
You're the last person I expected
to see in this house.
Governor Tsejdler at your service.
Please, have a seat.
Allow me to remain standing.
I understand. It's no laughing matter:
so many versts on our bad roads.
- Pafnuti!
- Yes, I know, Your Excellency!
Could you tell me...
why I was not given horses?
There must be none.
It's strange, because the postmaster
pleaded some ban.
Yes, yes, yes... Excuse me.
You see, I must inform you
about something.
If you wish
to proceed to Nerchinsk,
I'm obliged to inform you of
the measures to be applied to you.
If I wish?
You think I've gone all that way
just to meet you here?
Nevertheless, you'll have
to hear me out.
Are you aware that all this
will have to be sent back?
Nor are you allowed to take with
you any sums of money
or valuable things.
But that is not all.
Your right to own serfs
will be revoked as soon
as you move beyond Irkutsk.
So your servants will not go with you.
All right, they won't.
I suspect, Princess, that you...
You have no idea of what your life
at the mines is going to be like.
You will live there
like the poorest peasant.
The huts are dirty, stinking,
full of insects.
Your food will be bread and kvass.
I hate to mention the climate: it's
horrible, it'll be pernicious for you.
But I'll be there with my husband.
You're right.
But don't forget, Princess,
that your husband is in prison.
You'll be allowed rare visits,
once a week, no more,
for one hour in a convicts' room,
with an officer present.
I see... one hour...
an officer... present...
Please, order them to give me horses!
Have you fully realized that
all the rest time you'll be alone
among the savage population?
In the barracks you'll be surrounded
by 5,000 branded convicts
belonging to the most corrupt
and despicable class.
But the mines must be managed
by someone?
The management won't be able
to protect you from insults
which may even
come to violence.
Aren't they punished there for crimes?
Princess, hardened villains
fear no punishment.
They will even deem it right
to consider you their equal,
as the wife of a criminal
sharing their lot.
Excuse me, Your Excellency,
the samovar is boiling.
Would you like some tea,
Princess Yekaterina Ivanovna?
This beverage is indispensable here.
God will help me.
Will you tell them to give me horses?
As you wish, Princess.
Written here is everything
I've warned you about.
Your signature will mean
you'll submit to all those measures.
Now can you send me on my way as soon
as possible?
I'm sorry, Princess, but this paper
has to go to St. Petersburg for His
Imperial Majesty's consideration.
By courier.
Звезда пленительного счастья Звезда пленительного счастья

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