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not normal. Talk.
Chosen One, I'm the Chosen One...
Why...? Tibet...
Why can't I be chosen
to go to the Bahamas?
I've got to get chosen to go to Tibet.
This is really...
And Kala, you're not a normal chick.
You're too shy and need to open up.
You can't sit in a basement,
naked, smoking,
looking at soap operas
for the rest of your life.
- Yak loin.
- What is it?
- Yak loin. Good to keep the Yang up.
- Nothing wrong with my Yang.
How does
this dream transmission work?
- Part's dream and part's real.
- So the scar on my arm's real?
- What about "Numsy"?
- Numspa. Sardo Numspa.
- Yes.
- He's very real.
You were there and said things
that seemed pretty real.
- That part was dream.
- Just checking.
Aren't you going to ask me up?
- Am I dreaming now?
- Does a lady have to ask twice?
No! No... Please, twice!
Please, please.
Shit! Twice!
I didn't know whether you wanted
cream or sugar, so I left it black.
I want you to go to Tibet.
Will you go?
Wait a second. It's really cold in Tibet,
and I don't like the cold.
Why don't we just stay here
all weekend long under the covers,
watching television, sweating,
smiling and everything?
- You won't go.
- It's freezing in Tibet.
- Hey, where are you going?
- Tibet.
But I'm the Chosen One.
You can't get the knife.
I'll go. I'll go to Tibet.
But if it's really cold,
we have to come back here. OK?
You are not in a rush
to leave this minute, are you?
Because, you know...
A bed! Is that a bed?
Kathmandu is the gateway to Tibet.
There are bulls walking around here.
And it's cold.
Two days into the mountains
and we'll be at the heights of heaven.
I thought this was the best part.
I'm freezing, I'm not enjoying myself.
But I want you to know
that I'll do my best to find the child.
Of course you are. I'll arrange
for our trek into the mountains.
You have about an hour to look around.
About 16:30,
but I won't make it to the party.
Take it easy.
You want me to buy a necklace?
OK, I'll buy one.
I'll buy one.
Can you let me have the blue one?
I don't know
how much they cost, though.
One of those? OK.
Let me have the blue one,
it matches my coat.
Wait a second, you took 100!
No, one dollar is for you.
See George Washington?
That's Benjamin Franklin,
that's not happening.
Give this... You got the wrong money.
Can I have my money back?
- You gave me the wrong necklace, too.
- You're breaking my heart, asswipe.
- You speak English just fine.
- So do you, so what of it?
Give me my 100 back, take this dollar
and give me the right one.
Monkey breath, puke face,
eater of turtle slime.
- Give me my shit and take your shit.
- What, scuzzbucket?
OK, you slick shithead.
You sneaky little bastard!
You want your money? Take it!
Did you see a little naked man
with a $100 bill?
I have arranged for
yaks, ponies and boats.
You didn't see a naked bum
with $100?
No, but I can arrange for one. Come on.
You've got to show up sooner or later.
When you do, your ass is kicked.
I'll sell your clothes, leave you here
naked and bleeding without money.
Little dirty bastard!
Dude took my money.
If that bum hadn't taken my $100,
we'd have a boat with a motor.
- Shut up and paddle.
- Yeah, I'm gonna paddle.
I'm gonna paddle your ass
when I find you. I'll use this row.
I'm gonna row your ass till it bleeds!
- We'll be there soon.
- You'd better have a spatula.
My ass is frozen to this yak.
That's the dude who took my money!
We have come to ask for
the sacred Crossed Dagger of Ajanti.
- For what reason?
- For the Golden Child.
- He does not need it.
- To save his life.
The child lives for our sakes,
not for his own.
I humbly beg you,
let us have the knife.
Let him ask it.
I- I-I... want the knife.
Let him ask again.
I want the knife.
Only a man whose heart is pure
can wield the knife.
If you're such a man,
you will have it.
"Only a man whose heart is pure

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