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m a swine, a wretch.
I don't deserve to live like others.
How long do you think you can
keep up this miserable masquerade?
Until I get arrested, or you realise
the rules of evidence in this country.
If I get arrested, they'll take me
and put me in a jail cell.
They'll take the knife, because it's stolen,
and put an "Exhibit A" sticker on it.
The knife sits in a room
and I sit in my little room
until the trial comes up
a month to a year later.
If you get me arrested, there's no telling
when you'll get your knife.
You have no idea who I am, have you?
Yes! You're Sardo Numsy!
I don't care who you are. I do care
that you kidnapped a kid, though.
I could destroy you just like that.
We wouldn't want that. Listen...
Bring me the boy
and I'll give you the knife.
Then no one will have
to be destroyed "just like that".
Think it over.
My brother's forgiven me!
Kee, Dr Hong,
Brother Numsy has forgiven me.
Dear brother!
Thank you, you're wonderful!
- What else did you tell him?
- That I wouldn't be as polite next time.
- You are foolhardy, aren't you?
- Well, I do my best.
Are you coming to bed?
No, I think I'm going to sleep out here.
Good night.
I just heard something.
I don't like this. Let's get out of here.
I did not spend the night with you
to obligate you.
I spent the night with you
because I love you.
- She is beyond this world of pain.
- You can save her.
The Golden Child can bring her back.
As long as sunlight
still shines on her body...
No more magic and riddles.
She's dead!
You are the Chosen One.
You will find the child.
You have until nightfall to find him.
Sardo can't kill him until dark.
We'll get you out of here, OK?
Where's your boss?
Keep an eye on the kid.
Don't worry, I'm the Chosen One.
This won't take long.
My dear, sweet brother Numsy!
I can see that you're busy right now.
I'll come back some other time.
There are no keys in the car!
Come on, come on!
- Everything's going to be OK.
- I know.
Fasten your seatbelt, kid.
Did somebody give you a Valium,
or what?
This must happen a lot where
you're from. I'm gonna shit on myself!
Hey, Goldie!
You ain't going to help me with
the chain, just keep running, right?
Hey, wait!
- How long are you going to be?
- Two weeks.
- You drop the kid off and come back.
- Yes!
Listen, I bought this for you.
You put that on and no one will mess
with your head while you're here.
Good? Good.
You don't want to go to Tibet
with a big... on your head.
That is a cool trick. Did you ever
think about going into show business?
I could be your partner,
I'd throw a rock at you,
and you'd make it float off
and hit the wall. Standing ovations.
Do they have
Ed MacMahon's Starsearch in Tibet?
Probably not.
They probably have Foodsearch.
We could go on Starsearch and
we can give the audience rocks
You could move your hand
and make them hit MacMahon... hard.

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