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man thing. Man shit happens here.
This is no place for a woman
Next time I tell you to do something, do it.
I don't want you to get hurt.
- Can I handle this, OK?
- OK.
Leave me alone, asshole.
A girl tattooed with a yellow dragon
was here. What happened to her?
What girl?
- I've never seen her before.
- OK.
Oh, Cheryl!
Yeah, her... We sold her.
What do you mean?
You sold her to who?
To Tommy Tong. He's got that
restaurant down on Broadway.
We traded her for a case of cigarettes
and a quart of pork fried rice.
Why would somebody
want to buy somebody?
- He needed a girl.
- For what?
He worked out a deal with the Devil.
He said he needed her blood.
Look, you're going to go over
and rough him up, huh?
Don't tell him I told you.
Why would I do that?
Let me get this right.
- So you sold her?
- Yeah, we sold her.
Wait here.
I'm looking for Tommy Tong.
Stop acting stupid,
the man owns the place, all right?
I'm looking for Tommy Tong.
You don't speak English?
Let me translate it.
Bring Tommy Tong here
or I'll bust your ass.
You understand that?
You see this dead girl? The last time
she was seen alive was with Tong.
Tell Mr Tong that he has a guest
or I'll bust your ass!
Let me show you
how I feel about that karate shit, OK?
How did you do that?
What was that... with the flip?
- You killed him.
- I didn't kill him!
- What happened?
- I don't know.
Maybe the guy cut himself shaving
and bled to death looking for a Kleenex.
Really, I... Hey!
Maybe the guy thought
that I was coming,
got scared and figured, "What the hell?"
And killed himself.
- You buy that?
- No.
Neither do I.
We may be up against
supernatural creatures.
- What?
- Demons.
By the time he finds you,
it will be too late.
You were wise to kill Tommy Tong.
He was weak,
he might have betrayed us.
Thank you, Lord.
But why is the child still alive?
You have no reason to fear him.
He's surrounded at all times
and in all the four directions by evil.
Do not underestimate
the power of good
and do not dismiss
the strength of the child.
Time grows short.
The child will never eat the blood.
What must I do?
Move the child before
the Chosen One draws near.
- And to kill him?
- The Ajanti Dagger.
It is not of this world.
With it, you could kill the child.
- But it's so well-guarded. How can I...?
- Offer to exchange the child for it.
They can refuse nothing
for his safe return.
Use the Ajanti Dagger.
With it, you need no other evil.
Use the dagger to kill the child.
It's good to see you, Mr Jarrell.
Get your monkey off my back.
Of course. Fu, please retire.
Yeah, Fu. Save it.
Wait a second...
Wait a second, this is a dream.
I'm dreaming! Hey...
Why do you say that?
Because of people like Fu
with his monkey face,
the big-headed guy,
the fat dude and you.
You don't exist, it's a dream.
Perhaps I've had you brought here
to make you a very attractive offer.
Well... I don't think I can accept a proposal
this early in the season.
Thank you.
Has it ever occurred to you how many men
of less worth than yourself...
have obtained so many of life's rewards
while you, who can imagine so much,
have so little?
I can't say that it has, I'm not that lucky.
I don't have that much imagination.
I really don't like your attitude.
This is a nice jacket. It's got a
"Morris Day" feel and looks good on you.
And the boots... smoking.
I'll repeat my offer one last time.
I am dreaming, so I can say anything
and get away with it.
So I think I'll say, from my heart...
Kiss my ass.
Kiss my ass!
I can see that it's pointless
talking to you.
Why do you insist on mispronouncing
my name, leaving the "J" silent?
- My name is "Jarrell" with a "J".
- Yes, I know.
My legs are more attractive.
I'm willing to make an exchange.
The child for the Ajanti Dagger.
This is just a reminder of the evening.

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