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where did you got that?
- She's 16 and I'm trying to find her...
- Great, let's say you do find her.
What would you say to her?
What would be the first thing
- She's 16 years old, her name is Cheryl Mosely...
- Thank you so much, Chandler.
Now, let's talk about tortoises.
Judy, what have you got here?
- Oh, this is Teddy who is 80 years old.
- Really? 80?
- Isn't he darling?
- He's wonderful.
Now listen, I'm trying to find this girl,
Cheryl Mosely.
She was last seen on Vineland
out in North Hollywood.
I'd appreciate it if you contact me
at 468-8492 if you have any...
- Thank you
- Shut up. If you have any information
Yo! Hey! If you don't put the camera back,
I'll bust your ass.
Cheryl Mosely, Chandler Jarrell,
24 hours a day, 468-8492.
Now you can talk whatever you
wanted to talk about with the tortoises.
Thank you. That was Chandler Jarrell.
Well, I understand that
you've had a sex change?
OK, let's go. Take it slow, now.
Tie him, tie him.
Yo! Yo! Yo!
Why are you hanging
Alright! Let's go. There you go.
All the way, boys.
All right, come on, now.
Yo, man. What's wrong with you?
Scrub. You're a major scrub.
- Good afternoon, Mr Jarrell.
- Hi.
- So you're the finder of lost children.
- Oh, you must have seen me on television.
- Yeah, I like working with children.
- Hey, Chandler, come on!
Shut up!
- A child has been kidnapped.
- When?
Five days ago in north-eastern Tibet.
Tibet's a little bit
out of my territory.
This child is special, Mr Jarell
- His destiny is to save the world.
- That's a good destiny.
Chandler, throw the ball!
400 years ago, the Neuchung Oracle
predicted that the Gompen Tarma,
that is Tibetan for "Golden Child",
would be taken to the new city,
the City of the Angels.
He would be rescued by
a man who is no angel.
- Who is that?
- You, Mr Jarell
Yeah, right. OK.
I'm in the middle of a basketball game,
although I'd love to stay and chat with you.
- This looks like a big joint.
- I'm serious, Mr Jarrell.
Lick it and smoke it.
I think there were two of these,
and you smoked the other one.
Put it in your bag
and stop smoking scrolls.
You know, it looks like a joint.
And you might get jumped by some
Rastafarians if you walk around with it,
Excuse me, I have a game to play.
It was a nice thought.
I realise it's hard for you to take in,
but it's your destiny
to find the Golden Child.
And it's your destiny to seek
some serious psychiatric help.
Really. Excuse me. Can I go and play now?
Please, go home?
Excuse me.
And such a cute girl, too.
Dope fiend!
- Is that her?
- Yes, that's Cheryl Mosely.
- How long has she been missing?
- About three weeks.
- What have you got?
- Not much.
Three days ago, the rental sign goes
down and a truck backs up to the door.
The neighbours hear a continuous,
low murmur night and day.
At ten last night, the truck pulls up again
and the murmuring stops.
A neighbour comes out to shut up
his dog who won't come down the hill.
He looks over the fence
and finds the body.
- Who rented the place?
- She did. By phone, mailed in cash.
- Did you take the referral I sent you?
- No.
- You only take the kid cases.
- Yeah.
Get a few more shots in here.
Ms Tibet, you can come out now.
Stop following me, I won't take your case.
You're already on it.
What makes you think
the kid was in the house?
This is a restraint curse. They must
restrain him spiritually and physically.
They need to keep evil on him
on all four sides of him at all times.
Just the writing isn't enough.
They'd need something else.
- Or what?
- Or the child projects himself astrally.
Give me a break.
You're telling me
that the people that killed Cheryl...
If I find them, they're the same people
that kidnapped the...
...the Golden Child. Exactly.
- But why would they kill Cheryl?
- I don'

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