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What should I do?
You must help him
save the Golden Child.
And follow your heart.
- Thank you, Gompa.
- You're welcome, Daughter.
And when you want to marry him,
you have my blessing.
Thank you, Father.
They won't let me on the plane
with the knife.
- Yes, they will.
- No, they won't. I'm going to jail.
Thank you.
This won't work, and I'll spend the rest
of my life in a clay cell in Kathmandu.
- Another cow?
- It's Kathmandu, what do you expect?
There's no way they'll let me
on the plane with a knife under my shirt.
Relax and trust in your destiny.
- Come on.
- You trust in your destiny.
- Come with me.
- I have nothing to declare.
- But necessary.
- Why? I can show you my bag here.
- For your own protection.
- These are just my drawers.
These are clean
and those are dirty.
Excuse me, I have a plane to catch.
Come on, hurry up.
- What's this?
- Nothing.
Just once I want to go back to America.
I'm a citizen. What are you looking at?
It just does my heart good
to see another American citizen.
- Hold it!
- Are you crazy?
No, I'm Agent Jarrell from the American
Stolen Artefacts Foundation.
Everybody, it's OK! I'm with
the Stolen Artefacts Foundation!
Freddie, get out of my sight!
You make me sick!
I'll talk to you on the plane.
Nobody be alarmed!
I'm Chandler Jarrell,
American Stolen Artefacts Foundation.
Thanks to you, we were able
to catch this man, Freddie,
the piece of shit back there.
I thank the good people of Nepal.
You're all brilliant. Thank you, sir.
You are one hell of a leader.
The cunningness... the instinct...
The instinct is brilliant. I can tell
that you trained under this man.
You have the same glare of brilliance
in your eye.
You didn't know what you did,
but you're brilliant.
The best brilliance is born
from someone ignorant...
Forget it.
This is my assistant, Kee Nang.
We thank you all.
People of Nepal, we thank you!
You're a bunch of
beautiful, brilliant people.
Nepal! N-E-P-A-L!
Viva Nepal! Viva Nepal!
No, thanks.
- Welcome back.
- Thank you.
Hey. This is your problem now.
Thank you. You did a marvellous job
in obtaining the knife.
You will be spending the next few days
at the house of a certain friend.
When will we be contacted
about the knife?
That's him. If he doesn't return
my property, I want him arrested.
Welcome home, Mr Jarrell.
You have something for me.
I'm sorry, Numsy.
I should be punished!
Everyone, I have stolen
from my brother, Numsy.
Officer, it's your duty to take me in.
Please, purge me.
I'm ashamed of myself.
I should be arrested.
I should be purged,
I should be flogged.
- I shouldn't walk among good people.
- Let me talk to him.
I'm a swine, a wretch.
I don't deserve to live like others.
How long do you think
you can keep up this masquerade?
Until I get arrested, or you realise
the rules of evidence in this country.
If I get arrested, they'll take me
and put me in a jail cell.
They'll take the knife, because it's stolen,
and put an "Exhibit A" sticker on it.
The knife sits in a room
and I sit in my little room
until the trial comes up
a month to a year later.
If you get me arrested, there's no telling
when you'll get your knife.
You have no idea who I am, have you?
Yes! You're Sardo Numsy!
I don't care who you are. I do care
that you kidnapped a kid, though.
I could destroy you just like that.
We wouldn't want that. Listen...
Bring me the boy
and I'll give you the knife.
Then no one will have
to be destroyed "just like that".
Think it over.
My brother's forgiven me!
Kee, Dr Hong,
Brother Numsy has forgiven me.
Dear brother!
Thank you, you're wonderful!
- What else did you tell him?
- That I wouldn't be as polite next time.
- You are foolhardy, aren't you?
- Well, I do my best.
Are you coming to bed?
No, I think I'm going to sleep out here.
Good night.
I just heard something.
I don't like this. Let's get out of here.
I did not

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