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finish the observations.
If you don't,
you'll have to finish it in the snow.
They won't forgive us
if we don't get the map ready.
Let's go up the mountain
with the entire expedition.
The bear would not
dare to attack.
Are you sure?
We aren't the only ones in the taiga.
We can't leave the man-eater
on the loose.
- What do you suggest we do then?
- Ill try to find him.
- May I go with you?
- No.
The bear will get scared
when he sees two people together.
Two people won't be able to kill him.
And another thing...
you must take a mess-tin.
All right.
The bear grab people right here.
Remember that.
But how does he know that?
Ask him.
You like owl in day.
You have eyes, but you're blind.
You must read his tracks.
The bear's left paw is all crooked.
He not able to run fast.
He only attack when people not look.
- So you've decided to go?
- Yes.
Why risk your neck?
Why not call in hunters
and get the beast tracked down?
Because we don't have the time.
The frosts will be with us
any day now.
The bear will go into the taiga to
hibernate and we won't find him.
And when the spring comes,
there will be more victims.
So it's either
do it now... or...
There's no other choice.
In any case, Im the only one
- What's that solution?
- Leave him alone.
He knows what he's doing.
His father was
a good healer.
He learned a lot from him.
Now you listen to what Im going
to tell you.
We Evenks never abandon
someone in trouble.
Its better to accept
the anger of the spirits.
The old man will go with you.
He'll find that bear for you.
But he won't fire the shot.
Hargi knows
the sound of his gun.
When the bear see him,
he'll think other animal
wants to take his prey,
and then he attack you even quicker.
Now remember, if Kararbakh
helps you,
then Zagria will go to me.
You said that yourself.
Very well.
Ill agree to that.
Good dog.
Good dog...
Why am I doing this?
What's the point
of this "duel", anyway?
This marshland is the bear's
natural habitat.
Im just an intruder here.
Its not even a fair fight.
But if you once let fear take
hold of you and step back,
you will never be able
to face danger again.
It worked out just great!
Where's Zagria?
We'll take care of you.
Is he gone?
If he gets away to the marshes,
we'll never catch him.
"September 23, 1949.
To Plotkin at Headquarters.
Tsybin has begun observations
at Yambuy Point.
All the field work
which is needed
to draw up the map
will be completed
this year. "
Farewell, Plateau, we are leaving.
But not all of us.
Some of our surveyor comrades
will sleep forever
in the Selitkan, beneath
the Saga and Yambuy mountains,
on your still-unnamed hills.
We sacrificed them to Nature
for the right
to disturb its calm,
to penetrate its depths
and to measure its unknown land.
Others will soon
be arriving here -
geologists, botanists,
prospectors and road-builders.
They'll have our map
and our experience to help them.
we'll meet again sometime.
- Goodbye, Langara.
- Goodbye.
Your mother will be happy.
Although you traveled so far,
you still haven't forgotten
your native roots.
We have Zagria now
to remember you by.
Im sorry to lose you, old friend.
Goodbye, Zagria.
The End

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