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there is.
Kararbakh wouldn't have
taken the reindeer
if he not believe
that bear ate the men.
The old man was afraid the bear
would eat you too.
Now wait a second...
That bear
went for me too.
- I thought he was just very hungry.
- No, he wasn't just hungry.
This is a very evil beast.
This bear eat men.
So he chase you too?
Yes, but he didn't catch me.
Pavel and I, we finished him off
who'd have thought it possible?
"To Plotkin at Headquarters.
It turns out that in the area of
a man-eating bear
has been on a rampage.
Yesterday the bear was killed
by Pavel Sergeyev. "
Look, let's leave out that bit.
All right, delete it.
Though, why don't we leave it in?
It'll make Svetlana happy.
Okay, keep it.
We need to hide Kararbakh.
What do you mean?
To fool Hargi.
Kararbakh wants himself to see
the bear you killed.
He's not sure that it's the man-
eating bear.
No, I couldn't
make a mistake like that.
It was my twenty-first bear.
And no two huge bears like that
ever live in the same place.
No man knows
about everything.
What you have to do
is what the old man says.
All right, Ill take him
to the dead bear.
But first he must help us
find Yelizar.
What clothes will he be needing?
Any clothes, so that
he looks like Russian.
- What are the plans for today?
- We keep on surveying.
Itll be snowing soon.
Will two of you cope?
Yes, Ill go to the point
with Stepan.
- Give the rifles to the guys.
- All right.
Let's go!
Can't blame the bear for everything.
The bear is a coward.
There're probably all kinds of
monsters living in the swamps.
You won't stand a chance
and that'll be the end of you.
Im not the one they want.
Ive run around the taiga so much,
I smell of tobacco.
No beast would ever
come near me.
They'll make a meal of you.
A cook smells of cooking oil.
They'll eat you up
before you know it.
Let me go!
You may drop me!
Nope, nothing doing. Poor visibility.
We'll have to wait till evening.
Waiting is not working.
What has happened?
Where's Tsybin?
Stepan, can you
hear me?
Where is Tsybin?
What is going on?
Where is Tsybin?
Stepan, you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Why don't you answer?
Where is Tsybin?
The bear!
Where's Tsybin?
Over there.
Its good you didn't
get scared, redhead!
It was some monster,
not a bear.
I grabbed hold of the pyramid,
but it was slippery.
And there it was,
that bear.
He caught hold of my leg
and began to tug away.
If it hadn't been for Zagria,
he would've gotten me.
You're alive!
He could've eaten me.
You should...
have spat in his face.
I did spit, that's why he had
nothing more to do with you.
A pretty nice job we've got here...
The way he suddenly pounced on us,
I knew right away he was a man-eater.
I bet you set a world record
for the high hurdles!
I admit I did my best.
And you said
the man-eater had been killed.
It looks like it was some other bear
we killed.
Im very sorry about that.
they're all man-eaters here?
That's right.
How quickly that taciturn
old man began to dominate me.
Im following him,
entrusting him with my fate.
How true is an old proverb:
Its a mother that gives a man life,
but it's life that makes him a man.
Our boys would head down this
track to fetch water.
The empty mess-tins would make a noise,
The man-eater was attracted by
the sound and hid ready to pounce.
That must be what Kararbakh
is trying to tell me.
You scared me, you devil!
I am... staying here...
to watch over... Yelizar.
Im staying right here,
and you go!
We've found Yelizar's body.
Im staying with it.
To the camp! Understand?
Its just a sable.
Don't fall asleep!
Don't fall asleep!
Sleep and you're dead!
Don't fall asleep!
Don't fall asleep!
To think I was saving this for Yelizar.
He won't need it now.
Here's to him.
Im afraid we won't

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