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Yelizar will be completely covered.
If Yelizar's body is here,
as Pavel thinks,
Zagria will sniff him out.
But what happened
to the others?
Yefimenko may have come across
a bear that hadn't hibernated.
Those are the most
ferocious kind.
One bullet might decide
whether or not you stay alive.
But Petrik disappeared in the spring.
There're no hungry bears in the spring.
They starve to death before that.
He may have gotten in a quicksand,
or lost his way.
Anything might have happened.
We're so vulnerable
here in the taiga,
we're not prepared
for the dangers here.
As for the Evenks,
it's their home.
Why do all misfortunes
happen on this mountain?
Some climb!
Anything new?
There are no footprints.
I guess we dreamed up
the whole thing.
Here, I got a partridge.
- What did you find?
- Found the reindeer.
They were near the ford
on the river.
You don't seem to be happy about it?
Everything is so confused.
I just don't know what to think.
What I find strange
is that the search party looking for
Petrik in the spring,
never noticed the mess tin
on the tree.
Search, Zagria, search!
Today we've got
to cover the whole track.
Get away!
Size ten.
Do you know who of our men
wears a size ten boot?
Who was that torn to pieces?
It couldn't have been Petrik,
he has blond hair.
So it's Yefimenko.
Size ten.
The footprint is the same.
Yefimenko was going down the path
to fetch water.
How did the boot wind up here?
It looks like he was dragged.
Yes, it looks like it.
Bear tracks!
But the bear was walking
in the other direction.
Look how deep the heels of the bear's
back paws go.
He dragged Yefimenko backwards,
I suppose.
- But how he got him?
- The bear must've found the body.
Then he did what he'd do with any
other prey.
He dragged it to one side and
covered it with twigs and branches.
Bears like to eat meat
that's slightly aged.
Yefimenko was killed here,
on the track.
But for what reason?
What valuables was he carrying?
- Documents?
- Not so fast.
He may have
wounded the bear.
The barrel is clean.
So he never even fired.
So it wasn't the bear.
Perhaps there are
escaped prisoners here?
- Why didn't they take the rifle?
- That could be used as evidence.
They don't want to give
themselves away.
They killed a witness
and took his documents.
- What?
- Damn it!
I've got a feeling someone's
looking at me all the time.
Let's get out of here.
We'll see what to do when our men
get here.
Take that teakettle off.
Its rattling all over the taiga.
Where did you look for Yefimenko?
He was killed not far from the trail.
We didn't look for him
on the slope.
No one dreamt he'd been killed.
We thought he'd got lost
in the swamp.
Who could have killed him?
Looks like there's someone hiding
out on the hill.
And Yelizar?
Is he dead too?
We haven't found his body yet.
Ilya, come over here.
You were right to come back.
All people come here, me come too.
Yesterday on the hill we found your
cartridge-case and cigarette butt.
You were there, weren't you?
- Me not go on Yambuy.
- Who was it then?
- Yelizar didn't smoke!
- Quiet, Pavel.
He take from me tobacco
to keep away mosquitoes.
I give him the cartridge-case too.
To whistle for birds,
so to make them come.
He's lying!
Me not hurt Yelizar!
Ilya not hurt him!
And the hell of it is!
He may be telling the truth.
Halt! Who's there?
Who's there?
Why are you shouting like a madman?
You'd do better to brew some tea.
Its been a long trip.
Where's the chief?
Ive got bad news.
Bear has devoured your men.
A man-eater?
A man-eating bear?
Yes, herdsmen said
there's a man-eating bear in Yambuy.
Are you sure they were not wrong?
This is the first time anyone has
heard of a man-eating bear.
There was not before
and now

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