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log out.
Then we can talk
Well, from what I can see
you mean business,
no mistake about that.
Where's Yelizar?
Where is Yelizar?
No, you're going
to talk!
You're going to tell me everything!
What have you done
with Yelizar?
What have you done
with Yelizar?
Answer me!
- Stop it, Pavel!
- Leave me alone!
Get hold of yourself!
Here. Radio message.
Read it.
- According to unconfirmed reports...
- What is there to confirm?
Last spring, technician Yelizar Bykov
and a guide, Ilya,
set out for one of the peaks
of the Dzhugdzhur Range.
They had to cross a river,
building a pontoon.
The wood was carried
on the men's backs
over a swamp.
When the pontoon
was nearly finished,
Ilya made the animals
wade across.
Bykov became furious.
He struck the guide.
Remember that you and I will go
out in the taiga again,-
the guide supposedly said to Bykov.
Ever since then, they have
never teamed up again.
- Is that right?
- Water go down, I took them across.
- Ilya never touch Yelizar.
- Then where is he?
Don't know.
Hello, board!
One, two, three, four,
four, three, two, one.
How am I coming in?
How am I coming in?
Visibility good.
Not a sign
of anyone around.
Circle around for another
half hour,
so that Yelizar will have time
to light a fire.
Over and out.
If Yelizar had broken a leg
and were lying somewhere,
he would have fired a shot.
Yelizar always
carried his rifle.
Somebody was here recently.
Look at the ashes of the fire.
A cigarette butt.
Here's another one.
- But Yelizar didn't smoke!
- He never did.
The newspaper's in the Evenk
It had to be Ilya.
A hell of a steep slope!
Did you hear that rock going down?
If a man is pushed over...
come over here.
From a rifle.
Adapted to be used
with a Berdan rifle.
Ilya had cartridges like that.
So the cigarette butts are his too.
They both climbed up here,
then Ilya killed Yelizar
and threw his body down.
He knew what he was doing.
Down there the body would be buried
under the landslide.
Just try to find it.
Then why did Ilya make us
come all the way out here?
He was sure we'd never
find the body.
The murderer!
We'll get back to the camp,
and Im going to strangle him.
He'll confess, Ill see to it!
The firewood is to the north,
about a mile and a half.
The water at the foot of the mountain.
Just follow the notches. 
Let's go to the water.
We'll make some tea there.
A grouse...
What the hell is that?
One of our mess tins!
You don't just leave these
lying around.
Look, can you read this letter?
- Letter "S".
- Yes.
Sergey Petrik's, that's whose it is.
Why on top of a tree?
Look at these tracks...
...those are animal tracks.
But where is that bird?
Or is it the evil spirit Hargi
who's playing tricks on us?
- Look over there!
- Down, Zagria!
Over the pine trees.
See that dark spot there?
Its moving.
Its that bear, the one
who almost ate me yesterday.
- Recognize him?
- You bet I do.
He's huge. Doesn't take him very
long to destroy a bear trap.
Now you'll be able
to settle accounts with him.
Can I take a look?
You're right.
Better do it right away
than meet him sometime again.
He smells something. Too bad,
now he's going to run away.
He's not interested in us.
He's hunting.
Go to that rock up there.
You'll sure not miss him from there.
Meanwhile you go down the hill.
If the bear smells me before I fire,
he will go toward you.
Don't let him scare you.
You'd better take Zagria.
So we meet again!
Good work, Pavel.
To kill a wandering bear is not easy.
It was not only my work.
Its the one who kills the animal
who should be immortalized.
So we're going to take your picture.
That damned Ilya, he guessed it was
the bear and ran for it.
And he took all the reindeer
except the one that was lame.
We'll never find him now.
There's another

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