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burned our last log yesterday.
Last night we had such a storm that
we weren't sure we'd survive.
- Im not going out in the field.
- We've heard that before.
- Yelizar, will you go to Yambuy?
- Why not?
If Grigory
is asking me to, I will.
But there's one hitch.
The only guide left is Ilya.
I heard you didn't get along
too well with him, did you?
Yes, it wasn't a very
pretty story.
But since there're no more guides,
I'll take Ilya.
And Ill take your place here
and give Stepan a hand.
Any news?
Good news from headquarters.
Yelizar's coming out
to meet us.
Yesterday the old man
killed a bear.
Yes, Kararbakh is
really a great hunter!
We're saying:
You think, bear,
we killed you?
It was other men.
Man who killed you has his own
trail. He limps.
Go after him, quick!
Or he'll go very far.
Bear must not guess
who killed him.
If bear knows, he will chase us
and give us no peace.
Now do as we do.
What are you waiting here for,
Bruin? Go and catch that limping man!
You talk very good.
Like Evenk.
Langara, what happened
at yesterday's hunt?
Don't you see what happened?
Bear scratched up the old man.
Your dog helped.
We thank him.
You give us Zagria, eh?
If you won't
trade him for dogs,
then take our three
strongest reindeer.
Take them.
Nobody else will give you that.
No, without Zagria,
we can't find our men.
But if you will go with us and help,
I will give you Zagria.
Who ever would have thought big top
of your head is so stupid?
Have you gone crazy?
Even the worst man don't dare
to go and see evil spirit.
Thank you, Langara,
for everything.
May you never have any
trouble on your path,
and may our paths cross again.
A lot better for us
if we never met.
Now we will always be wondering
if you come back alive or disappear
without leaving a trace.
There, you see?
Mount Yambuy!
Hang on to reindeer!
Hang on to reindeer,
he'll take you to shore.
The guide from Tsybin is coming.
Why is he alone?
Sorry, chief,
but I lost the man.
- What do you mean, lost?
- Him lost.
Who was with you?
But I not know his last name.
- Yelizar Bykov?
- Yes, him.
He went to Yambuy
and not come back.
- How many days ago did he disappear?
- Two days already.
Did you look for him?
Did you search for him?!
Maybe you know
what happened?
Dolbachi, you ask him!
Maybe he'll tell you
what happened?
Have to go to his camping place.
There we talk and find out.
Where is the camp
where Yelizar stayed last?
Tell me!
Otherside swamps.
Let's go there.
- Me not go out there.
- Why not?
What do you mean, not go?
Take reindeer!
Take bag!
Take everything!
Ilya not go to Yambuy!
You'd better think twice,
we're two
against one.
Go ahead, Dolbachi.
Ill take
Ilya's bag.
Yelizar could never
have got lost here.
And the weather was good.
- Look!
- I see him.
Contact headquarters and find out
all you can about him.
Im going to the mountain.
Maybe I can find
some trace of Yelizar.
How can you go there alone?
- We'll both go up there tomorrow.
- What if Yelizar has his leg broken?
Let the reindeer rest a while,
and go back to Tsybin.
I see myself that we must bring
others to look for Yelizar.
When did Yelizar
leave the camp?
In the morning or in the evening?
Maybe he was going hunting?
Maybe you heard
A cry?
Why don't you answer?
He go to Yambuy,
and he not come back.
That's what you keep saying.
Tell Plotkin
to send us a plane.
We've got to take a look around.
Pull, Zagria!
Its all right.
Damn it!
I stepped right into a bear trap!
We're in big trouble!
Don't men scare you?
Or have you lost your sense of smell?
Or maybe you're a wanderer?
You should be looking for a den
to go hibernate in,
but you didn't get fat enough,
so now you're wandering around
ready to pounce on anything that
comes along?
Pull it out!
Go ahead, pull the


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