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EndM. Gorky Film Studio
First Artistic Association
Based on a story by G.A. Fedoseyev
Cinematography by A. GARIBYAN
Production Designer
Music by Eugeny GEVORGYAN
Sound - Vladimir KIPA
Olga ENZAK as Langara
Rodna ESHONOV as Kararbakh
Pavel - F. SERGEEV
Tsybyn - V. KRUGLOV
Dolbachi - N. DMITRIEV
Sulakikan - Z. PIKUNOVA
Participating in the film
the reindeer breeders
of the Evenk farm "Zolotinka"
Written and Directed by
as the expeditions chief
In those long-gone years
that followed the war,
Soviet land surveyors
were working at drawing up
the first topographical map
of the inaccessible regions
of Eastern Siberia.
The government considered it
to be an urgent mission.
The absence of an accurate map
was delaying the development
of this very rich area.
Having completed our field work
in the Aldan highlands,
our group was returning
to its base.
Only a few surveyors were still
carrying out observations
in the Stanovoy mountain range.
Goodbye, rugged country!
At last we are escaping
from your grip.
How many times, after wearing out
one more pair of boots,
breathing in the smoke of our campfire,
we've dreamed of another kind of heat,
cursing your endless marshlands,
your clouds of mosquitoes,
and the bleak gray
of your faded skies!
- Have you seen the chief?
- He was somewhere around.
- He went to the surveyors.
- Why? Has anything happened?
- Won't there be any planes?
- It's worse than that.
What could be worse?
We'll have to wait again.
Lyuba, pour me some tea.
- Have you seen the chief?
- Over there, by the campfire.
- Grigory!
- Wait a minute, will you?
Radio message from headquarters.
"On Mount Yambuy,
surveyor Vladimir Yefimenko has
disappeared without leaving a trace.
Parties searching for him found
Its the second case
of the disappearance of a surveyor
in the same region. "
Only last spring
we lost Seryozha Petrik.
"The surveyors are refusing
to finish their work.
What shall we do?"
Signed Plotkin.
He went for firewood.
The fog moved in.
- He lost his way.
- Lost his way?
Its impossible to get lost there!
Yambuy is like a beacon.
You can see it from everywhere.
Got caught in the quicksand, maybe.
I think he just
got fed up with work,
dropped everything and sneaked off
to town to see the girls.
- You should be ashamed!
- It could happen, couldn't it?
No, that's not Volodya's style.
Tomorrow both of us
are going out to Yambuy.
What? We're going back?
You heard it.
Are you joking?
I already asked Svetlana
to meet us at the airport.
No, I am not joking.
"Second of September, 1949.
To Plotkin at Headquarters.
Leaving for Yambuy to search
for the men who have disappeared.
I order all the units
in that region
to take safety measures
and go on with their work. "
We won't see him again
till tonight.
The number of miles he can cover
in a day is unbelievable.
Why shouldn't he?
His wife isn't waiting for him.
The reindeer are plenty tired now.
We need to stop.
Listen to that!
A bear!
Look at your bear!
He doesn't want to come down.
He's very afraid.
He must have got lost.
No, Evenks
never get lost.
- Why are you punishing him?
- He ran away.
He's afraid of you.
He never saw Russians before.
Is a Russian
all that frightening?
He's very afraid.
You got a pointed nose,
like a beak of a bird.
Your eyes same as on reindeer.
Where he ever see that kind of people?
That's probably true.
Look at that little devil.
He's right at home on there.
They're herdsmen from the state farm.
Taking reindeer to mountains.
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