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you can keep it all.
I'll take a look in the hall.
D Look at me now. D
This yours?
Simon! Take a look at what I found
in the cupboard!
It's heavy? What's in there?
We'll take a look. You probably want a look
too, right? What's this, a mask?
Or just looks like a mask?
Right, come here! Oh!
You haven't changed!
Hey, scarecrow, take a look.
I'm not a total fool, am I?
We're waiting for another
two gangsters.
What have we here!
Oh! What a beauty.
And what's this? I'll be amazed
if there are no grenades.
This was for us?
Ah, you gorilla scum.
And here are the grenades.
A whole set.
I think you've got no choice now.
You'll have to tell us everything, right?
We'll ask, and you'll talk, but only say
what we want to hear.
Answers such as, "I don't know" or "I don't
remember" aren't accepted. Got it?
D Look at me now. D
Guys... Guys, I... I really don't know
what you're talking about.
As for the bag, the bag, I've...
I've never seen it before!
- First time?
- First time, really!
- Look, he hasn't even turned red!
- Well, he can't, can he?
This looks like it.
All right, brother, you asked for it.
We'll wait for your friends here.
Ah, here they are.
You closed the door?
I don't remember.
Let's get in position.
What's going on here?
The Cop set me up, scum?
Quiet, quiet,
sounds like someone...
Got to break the door down.
I don't like this.
- So that's the way it is.
- Beautiful.
Ethiopian. I've seen you
somewhere before, eh?
Freeze! Who the hell are you?
Don't get worked up kid,
I didn't come for you.
- Kid?
- Scum... Bastards.
I'm asking you kid, who you are?
I'm going to kill you, bitch! Scum.
- Finish him off.
- You bitching, shameful bastards.
Maybe you'll tell us
where the heroin is?
You're finished, bitch.
No, you're finished.
What about them?
A good question. Put them in the bathroom,
but we'll finish with this one first.
Shameful beast... Stinking beasts.
Bitch. The Cop's conned us.
Shut it, will you?
Too much blood? I don't like it
when there's a lot of blood.
Right. You take one leg,
I'll take the other.
Then we won't get dirty.
- Let's get to the key issue.
- All right.
So, we've cleaned up the room!
Just need to find out about this Boy Scout
brigade that was here.
Listen, if you don't switch off your music box,
I'll switch you off. Got that, you long streak of...
- Hey, what?
- Get in.
Hey, man, what?
Someone else?
Right, pups, you're finished, got it?
I'm going to tear you up.
All right, animal, okay?
Where's my heroin?
What heroin, bitch?
What do you want from me?
I don't like name-calling.
You going to use names, are you?
Anyway, let's continue.
I couldn't find the cop.
Maybe he's at work?
Who knows with that filth?
We agreed at home.
I think he knew.
All right, gangsters,
hands out in front.
We must have got
the wrong apartment. We'll be off.
I said, hands out in front.
Come on.
I said we made a mistake.
We're going to a girl's birthday party.
- How old's the girl?
- 20.
What, in our day there are
still girls aged 20?
I'm not a specialist.
Maybe he knows?
- And what's this?
- A bag.
Very good. A bag, yes?
There must be presents
for the girl in it.
What do 20-year-old
girls get nowadays?
Smokes a lot, does she?
And she drives around the region.
And she drinks while she's driving.
Not a very good girl.
- Am I right?
- Not quite.
Not quite. Tie up these perverts.
So, gangsters, I think you realize
your story about the girl won't fly.
So let's not lie or muck about.
Where's our heroin?
What heroin?
That hurts!
I think you know
your prospects are zero,
so let's not waste time,
and just say where the heroin is.
Then I'll give you another chance.
What chance?
Give the heroin back first.
In the kitchen, in the oven.
Good lad. Simon, take a look.
Let's have a look.
So, gangsters, my mood's vastly improved,
and, as I promised, I'll give you a

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