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that's enough.
Open his mouth.
All right.
So, dickhead, that enough?
Or you want some more?
Can we, Simon?
There, bitch!
I hope you realize that the only way to go
is to tell us everything you know.
Where's the heroin? Don't hold it in,
or he'll stick a knife in your eye.
- He's like that. Aren't you Simon?
- Totally.
I'll count to one. One...
I... I'll tell you...
See, you can when you want to. And you kept
saying, "I don't know, don't remember".
Go on, we're all ears.
I set you up.
We know that, just get
to the heart of the matter.
I heard the Solicitor was paying you.
I decided that just once
I'd make some easy money.
I really need money right now.
I can see that.
I heard by chance where and when
you'd meet, hired three nutcases.
They agreed to work.
But you made a big mistake. There was no
money in the case. It was heroin.
A whole case of "H!" You know how
much you ripped Mikhalich off by?
Where can we find your friends?
The address is in my coat.
Don't kill me, please!
That is it.
That means he killed the Butcher.
What to do? What to do? What to do?
What to do? What to do?
Just shut up!
Can't you see I'm thinking?
- No, I haven't got x-ray vision.
- Shut up, I said!
All right, all right. Think.
Come up with anything?
How much is five kilos
of heroin worth?
I don't know.
About a million bucks.
Cool, but who's that?
Do you care who's going to kill you?
Yes, we've landed right in it. Do you think
the cop knew it was heroin?
- Maybe. What difference does it make?
- Agree.
You just don't think
about your health.
After today, I don't think
I'll be needing it. You neither.
What are you suggesting?
I suggest getting our skates on,
as fast as possible.
Take this shit,
and hide out till it blows over.
I've been thinking and came
to the exact same conclusion.
Smoked everything up again,
you bloody Ethiopian.
Go and buy some more.
All right, I'll get the cigarettes,
you get everything together.
Koron will be back and we'll have to
move it before we get caught.
Hide the case in the oven!
- Buy a carton.
- Get lost, you piece of shit.
Koron should be back.
Maybe something happened?
We're here.
This looks like the house,
but what floor?
What apartment is it?
- Number 14.
- Second floor then.
- Oh, right, sorry, being slow.
- It happens.
- Bit gloomy in here.
- All right, don't moan, just try again.
- Okay.
Right, we're going in.
We'll tie them up
and start torturing them.
Then we'll take everything, knock them off,
and leave. Should be simple.
Well done, again I'm convinced
you're a maniac.
At last. I'm coming!
Don't get worked up!
I'm not, I'm totally calm.
You should be getting worked up!
- Ah! The Ethiopian.
- I'm Russian.
Careful with him or he'll turn up
his toes too early.
All right.
Tape his mouth.
You're not overdoing it?
Just right.
Why isn't he coming around?
- Black.
- We don't want an international conflict.
- He said he's Russian.
- He lied.
Calm down, calm down. Don't fuss.
He's come round, look, and you said...
Well, Ethiopian, you've got big problems.
You probably want to know why?
I'll tell you.
You took what's ours today,
and we're very upset.
You probably already know that, right?
Guys, guys, I don't know
what you're talking about.
- What's that for?
- You know.
I don't understand.
When you took the heroin this morning, there
were two more contraceptives with you.
You're here alone.
Two questions: Where's the heroin,
and where are the others?
Guys, you must have the wrong apartment.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You don't want it the easy way,
Ethiopian, that's your problem.
We'll find the heroin anyway. He'll be very
offended, and torture you horribly.
He's like that.
Let's take a look.
Hey, Simon, look at all this vinyl.
Wow! Take a look,
the first E.L.O. Album!
Take a look. Stray Cats! Sparks!
This is a great collection.
When we kill him,

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