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Hey, hey! Oh, Vladik, Good Lord, Mommy will
tell you off, you didn't hurt yourself?
Go on, go on, and don't come back
without good news.
Come here, my lovely,
oh my sweetie,
you big bundle of life.
You already drilled
a hole in your head?
Leave the faith out of it, all right?
Or I'll put a hole in your head.
Oh, maybe you want
to become a monk?
If I hadn't got christened, we'd long since
be rotting in the cemetary.
I don't want to go to the cemetery.
I want, like in the civilized world,
to be cremated.
You'll be burnt, don't worry.
Not long now.
- Wow.
- What's that, Koron? Where's our money?
No money. And this looks like heroin.
Heroin? What heroin?
Same as in Ethiopia.
But what're we supposed to do with it?
- Shoot up.
- Is that a joke?
Give me a smoke.
Two questions. Who ripped us off?
And what do we do
with this pile of shit?
- I've got the same questions.
- And me.
Right. So first, don't panic.
Second, I'll go and see the Cop
and find out what's going on,
and why there's a pile of heroin
in this case instead of money.
Good idea. But are you sure that's heroin
and not coke, or washing powder?
Another good idea.
Seems like heroin,
although I'm not an expert...
No, it's definitely not washing powder.
Gets you going.
No, not washing powder.
You know, I've had a thought.
A thought?
Yep. I'll go, and you think
of a backup plan.
- What sort?
- A backup!
What do we need
a backup plan for?
I think we ripped off
some serious people.
You'll run off to Ethiopia,
but what about me and Bal?
- I'm tired of your Ethiopia stuff.
- Don't.
That's easy, there's nothing
we can do with it.
This isn't 20 grams, it's...
How much is there?
A hell of a lot. About 5 kilos.
Right, I'm off, and you think, think!
- I'll put the case in the oven.
- All right.
Have you gone nuts,
reading that nonsense?
I study English with them.
You go to the monastery
and I'll go abroad.
Who needs you there...
You think the Cop's to blame?
Who else? The butcher bought it.
You got any doubts about it?
- I just can't believe my luck.
- What luck?
I've hated that scum cop for ages.
And if I hate someone, I get nervous
and behave badly with them.
That's bad for business. If it wasn't for
Mikhalich, I'd have killed him ages ago.
All right, Simon, I'll give you
that satisfaction.
- Thanks, pal.
- For you, anything. Any whim.
That's respect.
Just don't get nervy.
There's our beauty.
I'm going to get really carried away.
Yes, pal, you're a real maniac.
You have to respect, and not judge
the weaknesses of others.
Why've you still got that file?
Haven't had time to drop it off.
Hi, guys. You'll be dropping
by the station next.
You could've phoned. What's up?
They could tap the phone.
We need to talk, let's go up.
I hope the police aren't
bugging you yet.
Me too. Come on.
Not living too good.
You saving up?
- Stepan, you got a plaster?
- A plaster? Medical?
Yes, a big one.
In the toilet, in the cupboard,
by the john. Cut yourself?
- I'll go and look.
- Okay.
Hey, you gone mad or what?
Hey, lads! What's it about?
- About the heroin.
- What heroin?
The heroin in the case, which 3 head-cases
took from us. And we think you know about it.
No, you've definitely gone nuts.
Listen, Simon, he says we've
gone nuts. You agree?
D Look at me now. D
Come on guys!
You've totally gone nuts?
Quiet, quiet, you'll frighten
the neighbors, filth.
Filth, you should keep the civil peace,
but you're shrieking like a pig.
Simon, cover his mouth.
Ok. Shut it, bitch,
Probably hurts?
I should think so!
You think he's ready
to talk to us yet?
Don't know. Let's ask.
Listen, filth, you ready to talk,
or need more pressure?
Says he's ready.
Open his mouth.
Bitches, what do you want?
For the slow among us, I repeat,
where's the heroin and who took it?
What, Sergei?
I... I... I really don't know...
- Simon, one more time.
- Shut up, bitch.
All right,

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