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- See you, Kaban.
Scum, eh?
Hang on, we'll do him.
No, let him go.
That's a serious car. I heard that's
the best nowadays.
Come off it, did you see what
the Boar was driving?
Yeah, the Boar's done well for himself.
What's that?
It's a fly.
I can see it's a fly.
What's it doing here?
You gave permission.
- Me?
- You.
I don't remember telling
you to bring a fly.
You said pistols and something heavier.
I meant a machine gun. In Ethiopia, is
"something heavier" a rocket launcher?
I'm Russian.
Russian, I hope you didn't
bring any grenades.
You're a total psycho. You need
to see a doctor, get sorted.
And I don't think a Russian
doctor can help.
That's your opinion.
Stop stuffing yourself, we're here.
If we screw up this time, Mikhalich will
swallow us whole, crap included.
Stop stressing! No one's going
to eat you or your crap,
and I'm eating because I'm starved.
I can't work hungry.
Stuffing yourself with that crap
won't make you work any better.
That's enough. Why do you
always talk shit when I'm eating?
You could ruin my appetite.
Stop eating. We're late as it is.
All right, I'm coming.
And here are our patients.
- Look, believers.
- So? I'm a believer too.
What god have you got in Ethiopia?
I don't get it, Koron. You said they'd
come out with a case, not go in.
So why're they going in with it?
How do I know.
Go and ask.
And what're we supposed to do?
Like we agreed. We take them
when they come out.
Hello, who do you want to see?
- You've got an appointment?
- Of course.
- Who shall I say it is?
- We'll manage.
Ah! At last, I was getting worried.
Greetings to the defenders
of the victims of police harassment.
Hello, hello. Everything ready?
Galya, Galya, everything's fine,
the boys are here to see me.
- I've got everything, and you?
- Of course.
- Everything's fine.
- Agree.
Good luck.
Greetings to Sergei Mikhalich.
- Give us the case!
- Case?
Case! You deaf?
No, from the fear I didn't
quite understand.
- Hard man, are you?
- Who?
Stand still.
Let's not get silly. Throw the case over,
and you can go.
You shouldn't hang on to possessions.
- You're dead men.
- Ooh, I'm scared. Let's go.
Yes, straight to the cemetary.
You'd best dig yourselves deep holes.
We're finished. Mikhalich'll kill us.
What are we going to do?
We could hang ourselves
or go to Mikhalich, same difference.
Funny. I'll die laughing.
That wouldn't be the worst way out.
So, what're we going to do?
We'll go to Mikhalich and hope for a miracle.
Mikhalich in? In the sauna?
What're you going to say?
I don't know, we'll see
what mood he's in.
You know he burnt his architect
in his fireplace.
You needn't tell me, I already know.
Sergei Mikhalich, they caught us off guard.
We didn't even have time to react.
- You knew what you were going for?
- Heroin.
If you knew it was heroin, you should
have been prepared for anything,
including being caught off guard. Right?
And if you agree, why the hell
did they catch you off guard?
I don't know, I think.
Yes? And what do you
think with, Sergei?
My head.
Up there, Sergei, you've got an arse.
What're you so happy about,
you think with something else?
I should punish you, although this time
you might not be entirely to blame.
What're you so happy about?
You light pink poof.
Not entirely to blame doesn't mean
you're entirely in the clear.
All right, numbskulls, listen carefully.
You go and see our copper-informer.
He set us up?
First, don't interrupt your elders,
and second, who said you were set up?
You were ripped off, Sergei,
like suckers, like schoolboys.
And me along with you. Got it?
So you go to him now, and put the frighteners
on him about the heroin.
He knows?
You again, I said don't interrupt.
So, make him talk, and then slot him.
- You can manage that?
- Of course.
And I promise, if it's like last time,
you're history. Got it?


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