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All right, I understand.
You bring the case to me.
Don't screw me! I know
how much is in there.
Round to the station?
You've definitely lost it.
To me, at home! Got it?
And you said it was hungry.
Right. Take that case to the Solicitor.
- To who?
- It's English for lawyer.
Thank you.
What's in the case?
What's in the ca... Listen, Vladik.
Have you taken your tablet?
My little sweetie.
In the case, Sergei, there's money.
You exchange that money for heroin,
and bring it here.
- Got it? You can manage that?
- Of course. It's easy.
Well, I have to ask, Sergei, because you can
always screw up an easy deal!
Listen carefully.
You drive over to the Solicitor.
- Eh?
- It's lawyer.
Give him the case, takes the heroin,
and come back.
Sergei Mikhalich, don't worry,
we'll manage it.
Not worry, Sergei?
When you, on a flat space, on a billiard table,
can find a pit of shit and drown in it?
All right, get moving,
and if you screw up again,
I'm telling you, in the presence of this child,
I'll be very upset.
Be off with you.
Sergei Mikhalich, don't worry,
we'll manage it.
I'm working for you, my sweetie.
What've you made there?
A coffin.
A coffin, hey, your Mommy will complain.
You've made a whole cemetery.
You hang on here, lads.
Hi, Cop. What did you call me in for?
I heard, Brain, that you are reckless,
but I didn't think to this extent.
Cut out the cheap talk.
What do you want?
All right, let's talk business. Does the nickname
Koron mean anything to you?
- Where's that scum?
- All right, calm down.
I'm calm, where is he?
I've heard he's wound you up,
and you're still angry with him.
You just tell me where that scum is
and I'll rip him to bits.
All right, I'll tell you. And you'll do me
a favor in return.
Interesting, what favor can I do a cop?
I'm not informing.
There's a case in the apartment
where you'll find him.
You bring me the case
and we're quits. Agreed?
What's in the case?
What do you care?
The case is light, and what's inside
doesn't concern you.
We got a deal?
All right, don't fret. Agreed.
Here's the address where
they'll be this evening.
Come to mine tomorrow.
Here's my address.
Any problem, call me,
there's the number.
- So long.
- Sure.
Until tomorrow.
We're not late?
No, loads of time. We can even
get a bite to eat.
With a case of American money?
Well, we'll go to American McDonald's.
And eat that shit?
Come on. It's fast and delicious.
The whole world's eating hamburgers.
They're just freaks with no taste.
You want me to eat pies?
Leave Russian pies out of it!
All right, pie-face, we're here.
I'll be quick.
- Sergei, hi!
- All right, Boar!
I thought, is it him or not?
I heard you moved to the Center.
Yeah, set myself up.
Well, I can see you've
worked up a pot-belly.
This is where I keep the brains
that don't fit in.
You still slaving for Mikhalich?
Yes, what've you got against Mikhalich?
You should drop him.
What can you do in the provinces?
Running around like a gopher,
counting kopecks.
These days, you can really do well
for yourself, but not in this hole.
You need to go to the Center,
it's all there.
And your Mikhalich is a gopher. No future.
My boss set him up here,
and he can take him down.
- Can't you go any faster?
- Yes, come on, I'm hungry.
- Good day.
- Coke, fries and a hamburger.
- Sauce with the fries?
- No.
73,000 rubles.
Hey, what about the line?
- Hi, Boar.
- Hi, Semyon.
Where've you been?
He's hit the big time.
Where's your guards?
Guys, our business is legal.
We're taking Eurobonds to Japan.
And you, Sergei, come work with us.
I can help. But you need
some dough to start up.
Here's my card.
You still shooting, guys?
So what?
People don't shoot anymore.
They do business differently,
not like your Mikhailovich.
That was the old days. Remember how
we took the Belozerskies out?
Come on, we're late.
All right, let's go.
- See you

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