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your bathroom,
I'll burn you in it, got it?
Let's go and have a look,
Vladik, see what he's done.
Come on, come on, show us then.
It hasn't heated up yet.
Well, it's curtains for you, Mr. Architect.
A game, or have one first?
- Or have one first.
- All right.
Anyone serving us?
What would you like, gentlemen?
The gentlemen would like to relax.
I'll have a salad and juice.
- What juice?
- A good one, but not tomato.
- Nuts and beer. You got pistachios?
- Yes.
- Nice arse.
- Behave decently.
All right, all right,
but what an arse.
Lads, me and my friend
will play in 5 minutes.
We'll just finish, then you.
- Only 5 minutes. We're in a hurry.
- What?
5 minutes.
Thank you.
- Not eating?
- Gone off it.
Oh, I've got an idea.
Not an idea, a bet.
Want a bet?
Depends on what,
and what I have to do.
Nothing much.
We'll play a game of billiards,
and if I win, I'll pay our bills,
and if you win,
you'll pay our bills, all right?
What's the big idea?
The big idea is that we have
two bottles each first.
All right?
Well, I don't know.
I'm driving.
Don't play the Boy Scout! You've never driven
drunk? Is it on, or are you chickening out?
Vodka with food, or without?
You can have some of that salad,
I'll give you a head start.
Ah... Russian?
- What Russian?
- Billiards.
- Well, what nationality are you?
- Russian.
Well, you've answered your question.
Get your cash ready.
All right, but the vodka's included
in the bill.
- And the dent in the car.
- All right.
Oh my word! Well, that's...
Vladik, don't get dirty.
Sliced to pieces.
Who do you think it was?
- Who, me?
- Yes.
- I don't know.
- That's bad. Yes.
Right. Vladik, don't make a mess,
what are you... Mommy will be angry.
Phone the cop.
Get him round, have him do the paperwork, tell
him to find out who those freaks in masks are.
And tell him to fill me in immediately,
we'll see who's to blame. All right?
There, so, let's go. Vladik, you'll get messy
and your Mommy will be angry, come on.
And tell Sergei to come round
with his colleague.
All right.
You think Mikhalich
will call us in soon?
Don't think he's got anything planned.
What, you itching to shoot?
No, just making chit-chat.
Why bother?
Hello, yes. All right,
we're on our way.
Where we going?
Cheer up, you guessed right.
Mikhalich is calling us round.
Couldn't even get smashed, but at least
you've saved some money.
Not sure who's
saved some money.
All right, let's go.
Waitress! The bill!
So, what you need?
- Firstly, hello.
- We already said hello. So?
- I want to offer you work.
- Work. What work?
Don't interrupt and I'll tell you.
Don't act tough, all right?
I'm not, you just listen to how you
can make some serious dough.
Serious dough?
- Dad, let's feed the crocodile.
- What about the poor mouse?
Dad, the crocodile's hungry.
- We need to rip some people off.
- Rip off?
- Rip off.
- Who?
Do you care?
Not in the least.
How much?
- A lot.
- How much?
A hundred grand.
- What kind?
- Rubles. Bucks, of course.
- Now we're talking. How many?
- Two.
Why do you keep asking twice?
You deaf?
I'm not deaf,
what are you mumbling for?
I'm not mumbling.
Calm down. What's the deal?
They'll drive up, go into an office.
Then they come out.
One will have a case.
You take the case and run.
Who are they?
- Well, you know.
- No, I don't.
Nobody serious.
Do it fast
and accurate and it'll be fine.
Agreed. When do we get paid?
Money straight after. You take the amount
we agreed from the case.
Just don't rip me off!
Because I can tell them who did it.
Come on, Copper.
We're honest people.
And don't kill anyone.
Nice and quiet.
All right, don't complain. We're professionals,
everything will be fine.
'Will be fine'. You said that last time.
That was chance, last time.
Chance? Six corpses, that's chance?
Come on, don't hassle me.
I'm not hassling. I don't want
any slaughter this time.


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