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Scum, eh?
What now? Hope you didn't know
about the gun?
You didn't understand.
I didn't mean anything.
All right. Let's at least take the powder.
Yes, and take it to Mikhalich.
Blood everywhere.
What about him?
Who needs him. Stick him with the stiffs.
Knocked it over and messed it all up.
Everything is spoiled.
Not all of it.
I'll get a box.
Come on, then.
Two steps back.
And you slowly give me the box.
All right, all right, everything's cool.
Who are you?
None of your business.
Give me the box.
All right, no problem.
Put it on the trunk
and two steps back. Quickly!
You said slowly, now you're
saying quickly. Which is it?
The box!
All right, all right.
With your accuracy you should be in the
Olympic team. You're wasting your talent.
I don't like sports.
I don't either.
Tell me, why did you
have to ruin the car?
It wasn't on purpose.
I wasn't aiming at his head.
Where then?
The heart.
Right, not sure about the team then.
Take that former nutter in the house
and you'll pay for the repairs.
Here's a friend for you.
It's going to cost you about
100 American rubles.
You already owe me a car
for saving your life again.
Let's report in for now,
in case someone else turns up.
Main thing is the cops
shouldn't stop us.
Buy a siren.
Very funny.
Mikhalich will cheer us up now.
- Vladik! Daddy's working
- I want to see Daddy.
Ah, come to me, sonny!
It's all right, Eleanora.
You're my sweetie,
Where's Mommy?
Resting, well, good.
So, find Hangman.
He's been missing for a few days, and get
the money ready for the solicitor.
Hangman or no hangman,
we need to do the business.
Have to, so go on.
I understand, boss, I understand.
Everything will be fine.
Hi, lads. What took you so long?
What's in the box?
The Doctor's ears?
Not quite.
Well, tell me how it went?
Sergei Mikhalich, we weren't
entirely successful.
Right. Well, fire away.
We screwed up a bit.
Sergei, do you know
what this word means?
No, Sergei Mikhalich.
Sergei, it means to be between
the vagina and the ass of a women.
See, even Vladik knows, so?
Well, carry on.
We arrived, and he started being rude.
Took out a gun.
And then another two head-cases
showed up. All armed!
Started threatening us. So, to cut it short,
we killed them all.
Tell me, Sergei,
did I tell you to kill them?
You know I need the Doctor?
Sergei Mikhalich!
They started it.
They started it? Weirdo!
If you see the situation's heating up,
just set up a meeting later.
- You need whipping.
- But we...
- Were you whipped?
- Me?
Of course! How do you think
I got this way?
I don't think you should whip children.
My dad whipped me too, and...
I still want to kill him.
And some others...
All right, Simon,
stop talking nonsense.
We came to Sergei Mikhalich
on business... we...
Can't trust you idiots with anything.
Get out of here. What's in the box?
What powder?
Some powder there. We decided to collect
it up. He doesn't need it anymore.
- Out of my sight.
- Goodbye.
You see that?
What do you think?
He didn't get too upset.
It blew over, thank God.
Lucky we took the powder.
Ah, well done.
Yes, I... What? When? All right.
Yes, I'll remember.
I'm on my way.
Where we going, then?
What do you mean?
Well, for a rest.
Wherever you want, but no striptease.
Or I'll get worked up.
All right, billiards, but a quiet place.
- Have you taken your medicine?
- Yes.
Sergei Mikhalich, we're finishing the fireplace.
Would you like to see?
- Did you study?
- Yes.
- Where?
- The Architectural Institute.
- In the Center?
- Yes.
- Full-time?
- Full-time.
If you studied full-time, Architect,
what's with what you did in the bathroom?
Sergei Mikhalich, that's just the design.
You approved the design.
The design was on paper, and you can
stuff it up your backside.
I didn't drown you in the bath, but if your
fireplace is anything like

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