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see him tomorrow, find out...
Why at the zoo?
So no one recognizes you.
We going to steal a car?
We'll walk it. You're getting
a bit slow, aren't you?
What car?
I don't care. It shouldn't stand out,
tinted glass.
Ours or foreign?
I said it shouldn't stand out.
A Lada or a Volga if you have to.
I got it.
Now for the Ethiopian footballer.
I'm Russian. I've never been to Ethiopia.
Cut it out. You can tell a mile off
you were a cannibal.
The guns are down to you. Something light.
With silencers. And a heavy one, just in case.
Just see what you can find. Got it?
Got it.
Good. Let's just keep it smooth this time.
No amateur theatricals. Got it?
What you looking at me for... I got it.
Leave me out of it.
That's all right then.
I need a drink.
Not surprised, after last night.
And you weren't drinking last night?
What you waiting for?
What, you think I'd drink from that thing?
Hang on a sec.
I value my health too much.
I think we've arrived.
Of course we have. You think I couldn't
find the right place?
Who knows with a maniac like you.
Bit nervy, isn't it?
Why get nerved up? Let's go!
What's the file for?
A contract to pass on for a mate.
Oh... you couldn't leave it behind?
Well, just in case.
What you want?
I said, what you want?
We're here to see the Doctor.
Is he in?
I'm the Doctor, what you want?
Sergei Mikhalich sent us.
Mean anything to you?
Means something... Come in.
So, what's he want?
I already said I'm not giving
him a cut of the dough.
So don't try and frighten me. I'm already
scared! So out with it, and get lost.
Why're you being rude?
Why're you trying it on here?
They say on TV that the nervous system
gets worn down. And I believe it.
Let's be constructive.
All right, just don't
pressure me. All right?
We won't, Mr. Doctor.
Let's just be realistic, though.
All right.
You're new in this town.
And new in this business, right?
So you need constant support,
to provide for your security.
Same for everyone,
but we're not at all expensive.
So let's not be rude,
try it on or get worked up,
let's think about your security
and your options.
I'll give you five minutes to think about it.
The clock is ticking.
We'll go for a smoke, .
Why five?
Too long?
Make it three.
You just have to think...
No, you think, scum,
about not getting slotted right now.
Calm down, lads, calm down.
We can work this out.
Why didn't you say
you had protection?
Do I have to explain to every
freeloader that comes along?
I don't have protection.
Who are they, then? Magicians?
They're not magicians.
Your old man thinks he can come along
and take over the Doctor?
You've misunderstood.
Shut it! I'll do the talking.
I already warned your old fart,
I don't need help. I'll manage.
I told everyone that all year.
But they're all thick here.
Must be the place.
So I'll have to cut into
your demographics.
Any last words?
I think Sergei Mikhalich will be very offended.
He doesn't like shit being thrown at him.
He'll probably kill you because you're
breaking the rules of business.
But you've got a chance.
Tell these halfwits to put the guns down,
put a coat on, it's cold out,
and we'll go and see Sergei Mikhalich.
- That's it?
- Basically.
Then listen!
They really aren't magicians.
Right. No more protection.
Now what?
I've got mixed feelings. Half of me says
we should blow this creep away.
And the other half?
That we should let him live and take him to
Sergei Mikhalich, let him decide what to do.
I prefer the first option.
Me too, but what about Mikhalich?
We'll say he started waving a gun about,
but we were quicker,
and tell him about these two. So?
All right. Doesn't feel right, though.
All right. Let's toss for it.
Heads, we take him to Mikhalich.
Tails, we do him in.
I haven't met a fag
like this in a long time.
Not a businessman,
he's some sort of hooligan.
Get stuffed, freaks!

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