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hurt that much,
but you'll just have to bear it.
Don't drink it all.
We'll need it later.
I'll wash my hands,
and we'll start.
So, gentlemen.
Shall we start?
Don't mess it up. I haggled
at the market for two hours for it.
What's that?
Sterilization. Don't worry,
I know what I'm doing.
I hope so.
This will hurt. Shout if you have to.
Just don't move about, you'll get in the way.
A keepsake.
- Got a smoke?
- Of what?
- I need a cigarette.
- Oh.
Give me a plaster.
Give me a plaster.
Good lad.
- Anything else.
- Thanks.
- I'll be off then.
- All right, then.
- You can always find me.
- Goodbye.
- You know how.
- Yes.
- How are you, Sergey?
- Not too bad.
That's great.
You know? That's the first time
I've been shot.
How does it feel?
I don't know.
Feels like I lost my virginity.
That's not a bad feeling.
We should clear out of here.
Anyone might turn up
and I'm running out of bullets.
I've got some more.
Here's your file.
To Mikhalich?
I keep thinking about the Boar.
Maybe we should
head for the Capital?
- And Mikhalich?
- He can get sutffed.
I don't get it.
And the heroin?
The Boar said we'd need money
to start up with.
- We need gas. You got any cash?
- Enough for gas.
I took the vinyl.
Sergei Alexandrovich, they've phoned twice.
It's the second reading of the budget today.
- They asked you to go.
- Thank you.
- Katya!
- Yes?
Lmmediately, Semyon Yevgenievich.
So, deputy, what can we
make on the budget?
You know I don't take bribes.
Oh, an honest guy...
...and Dead Man's Bluff,
without a file?
I'm tired of you and your file!
Go and pay our taxes, you idler!
Yes, I'll fly in from Burkina Faso.
You don't like blacks.
So, and how long have you wanted
to build a church?
You want to bet that I'll build it?
The price of oil will go up, and I'll build it.
No point in arguing. Oil will go up,
and you still won't build it.
To where is Russia headed, eh?
When freaks like you drive around
with police escorts.
And your sort don't?
Hang on. Oh Vladik, why haven't you
got your hat on, your mother...
Vladik, you should visit her
at the hospital, she's better now...
...yes... oh, he's gone.
Vladik, have you had your herbal brew?
You know, I've got this feeling that the Boar
ripped us off with that heroin back then.
It's a thought.
But we shouldn't kill the Boar.
I didn't say we should kill him,
I said he ripped us off.
Ripped us off, didn't,
that's all history now.
Semyon Yevgenievich.
Eh. Oh. Thank you.
Life's become so hard.

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