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Let's begin.
Remove from your ears anything that
might impede your transformation
into people in this burly,
ashy river called life.
Yes, what?
- Can I go?
- No, sit and listen.
But I need to.
Be patient.
Start-up capital is what
begins everything.
With it you can start a business
or invest. It's easily lost or multiplied.
The key thing is how to get it.
Today it's very difficult.
But at the beginning of the '90s,
there was a redivision of property.
Today's so-called 'oligarchs'
acquired theirs then.
Back then you could make
heaps of money from nothing,
enough for start-up capital
and the rest of your life.
And there were all sorts
of financial pyramids...
Yes, there were financial pyramids which
emptied the pockets of the common folk.
In a country where everything
had come to a halt,
it didn't occur to anyone that you can't
earn ten rubles by giving someone one.
And there were also criminal groups which
merged with the authorities,
and in so doing,
acquired their start-up capital.
Why do you think
my moniker is "Topsman"?
No, friend, I'm a professional.
I like slicing up corpses...
So, you don't want to talk,
you don't have to.
It's your business.
We're in a free country now.
It just seems to me you're making
life's biggest mistake.
You know why?
I'll tell you.
If you just told us
what's being asked...
...you'd quickly find yourself
among that lot.
But you didn't want to...
But I'm in a good mood.
It's a big day for me.
My daughter started school today.
So, here's another chance
to die quietly.
So, you'll talk?
I liked you. And I'll find out anyway,
because I'm a professional.
But you'll die slowly and horribly.
Well, bye then.
No helping some people.
Hands up, bitch! And two steps
away from him! Move it!
- Guys, what's up?
- Lie down, scum.
Take out your cannon with two fingers
and slowly put it down.
Listen, scum, I recognize that voice.
I know you?
I said drop the gun and lie down!
All right, all right, don't get worked up...
what about the syringe?
Hold onto it for now.
- Whatever you say.
- But slowly, so as I can see.
No problem.
Very good. Now you.
- And the syringe?
- Chuck it.
Bastard! I knew he'd try something.
Where'd it go?
Looks like the stomach.
Lot of blood... what are we going to do?
Directed by
Aleksei Balabanov
Ah... you're a cop.
Thought I recognized that voice...
What did Mikhalych
ask you to find out?
Hey, Stepan... We didn't find out!
It's good to sit and have a smoke
like this, after sport.
Smoking after sport's bad for you.
Baklazhan, are they all as smart
as you in Ethiopia?
I'm Russian.
Don't start. Russians don't smoke that much.
Me and Koron smoke a pack a day.
And you... Mr. Health Conscious,
two packs a day!
So stick your tongue up your
black arse, Russian...
Shall we talk business?
All right, let's talk.
Go on, then.
Business is terrible.
Have a guess. We're out of cash
and there's no work.
It's been a month since
our last escapade.
So? So, no cash and no prospects.
No. Last time because of some
nervy half-wit, we screwed up.
Don't go looking for
someone to blame.
Why not? Someone who thinks
that if he's got a gun,
he can blaze away without warning his
colleagues of this dangerous undertaking.
Don't mess with me! All right, I got worked up,
happens to the best of us.
Not all of us. Didn't happen with Baklazhan
and it didn't happen with me.
But it happened with you.
And you've soiled our reputation.
Now people think we're total head-cases.
And they didn't before?
They thought we were head-cases,
now they think we're total head-cases.
Yes, it's me... Ah.
Cop, that's great!
Work? What's the job?
Right, I got it... All right, tomorrow.
Same place? The Zoo?
Why the Zoo?
All right, then.
- The cop?
- Yep.
- What's he want?
- Offering work.
What's the job?
Who discusses that on the phone?

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