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Notes on the 120 mm gun,
new plan on covering troops...
...changes in artillery formation,
Madagascar expedition...
...a new shooting manual for field artillery,
very difficult to procure.
I am about to leave for the..."
This accounts for the leakage
in army information.
- How did we get it?
- The usual channels, sir.
Our agent procured it
at the German embassy.
Well, gentlemen, the man who wrote this
is our traitor.
...who is it?
- He must be on the general staff, sir.
- One of us?
- Absurd.
Well, let's have a look at this roster
of staff officers.
"Record of officers...
Aaron D'Aboville." It's not you, I suppose,
D'Aboville, is it?
- I'll swear it's not, sir.
- Marvelous.
- It's like a confounded novel.
- "Aaron Cedibini."
No, no, no.
- You found something, colonel?
- I was just wondering about Esterhazy.
Ferdinand, Count Walsin-Esterhazy.
He's a foreigner.
- A foreigner?
- Yes.
He's of Hungarian descent.
But his father was a general
in the French army.
Besides, Esterhazy's an infantry officer.
The man who wrote that is a gunner.
How about this fellow here?
"Dreyfus, Alfred."
I wonder how he ever became
a member of the general staff.
That's our man.
Sandherr, take action on it at once.
Very good, sir.
Commandant, send a message to Dreyfus
to report here first thing Monday morning.
Yes, general.
- Papa, the enemy advances.
- All right, fire.
- Don't forget, Maman, when the guns fire...
- I won't, dear.
- Wait, I'm not ready.
- Hurry, or your battalions will be repulsed.
Oh, not the French battalions, Papa.
All right. Here it goes.
Come in.
- A messenger from the war ministry.
- Show him in.
- Captain Dreyfus.
- Yes.
- A message for you, urgent.
- Thank you.
- What is it, dear?
- "Captain Dreyfus will present himself...
...tomorrow morning, 9:00,
at the office of the chief of general staff.
Civilian dress."
Civilian dress?
You know,
one of those general inspections.
But at that hour.
Isn't that strange?
Always worried.
- Captain Dreyfus reporting, commandant.
- Yes.
Just a moment.
Oh, no, no, gentlemen.
Experience has proved...
...that the 120 mm gun is...
Captain Dreyfus is waiting, sir.
- Seem upset?
- No, sir.
Evidently more of a scoundrel
than we thought.
Inform Commandant Dort.
He knows what to do.
- Yes, sir.
- Well, as I was saying...
...the 120 mm gun
is the most serviceable...
- Captain Dreyfus is here.
- Oh, very good.
Hurry, Brucker. Hurry.
- Henry.
- Coming. Excuse me.
- See you tonight, my friend.
- As usual.
Go to office number five.
He's coming.
- Captain Dreyfus.
- Yes, commandant.
- I'm to report to the chief of staff.
- Who is busy just now.
- Did you hurt your hand?
- Yes.
I have an important memo to write
for the chief of staff.
Would you mind, while you're waiting?
- Not at all. Gladly, sir.
- I'll dictate it.
...the 15th of October, 1894.
- 1894.
- Monsieur...
- Monsieur.
...it is important that I regain...
...immediate possession...
...of the documents...
- Have you got that?
- Of the documents.
Which I gave you...
...before going on maneuvers.
What was that last word?
"Maneuvers," sir.
Consisting of a note...
Well, what's the matter, Dreyfus?
Your hands are trembling.
No, sir. My fingers are cold.
It isn't summer...
Keep your jokes to yourself.
This matter is serious.
- I don't understand, commandant. I only...
- Repeat the last word.
A note...
...on the hydraulic brake...
...of the 120 mm gun.
- Gun.
In the name of the law,
you're under arrest.
- On what charge?
- Treason.
But... But... This is outrageous!
I've devoted my entire life to the army
and you dare to...
Why, this is an insult!
Perhaps you'll tell me the basis
of this charge against me.
Obstinate, aren't you,
pretending you don't know?
All I know is that I'm innocent.
Your handwriting speaks against you.


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