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"I would be happy to die
sabering Frenchmen...
...as a captain of German uhlans."
Didn't he try to have a perfectly sane
secret service agent certified as insane...
...because he described the commandant
as visiting a foreign military attach?
Did Commandant Esterhazy
not have dealings...
...with the military attach
Colonel von Schwartzkoppen?
I will not permit that question.
It involves our foreign policy.
I'll put it differently.
Didn't he admit to newspaper reporters
negotiating with von Schwartzkoppen?
The question will not be put. France's
honor and security mustn't be touched.
I see.
The honor and security of France...
...permit an officer to do things
but not discuss them.
Did he tell an English journalist
that if Zola was acquitted...
...the streets of Paris would be strewn
with 100,000 corpses?
Mr. President.
- Colonel Henry, you wish to take the stand?
- Lf you please.
We've tried to honor the court
and exclude the Dreyfus affair...
...but the defense makes it impossible.
They claim they want light.
Very well.
Now they're going to have it.
We've long had final, positive proof
that Dreyfus was guilty of treason.
A secret document unknown at the time
of the Dreyfus trial fell into our hands.
It was written by one foreign military
attach to another, containing the words:
"Don't tell anyone of your connection
with this office or deed."
Every time a general officer takes
his hat off, a secret document pops up.
Dreyfus was sacrificed to one.
My client is threatened with another.
Give this to Monsieur Labori.
Will Colonel Henry
produce that document?
It will endanger relations with foreign
powers if secret documents were revealed.
- Where is it?
- My word should be sufficient.
Words are no longer good enough.
Where is that document?
You have already been told
it cannot be brought here.
Call your next witness.
I will not proceed
until that document is produced.
- Call your next witness.
- No, no and no, Mr. President!
Not until this court rules
or that document is produced.
It is not in my power to produce it.
Perhaps the chief of staff.
May I add further information
on this subject?
Certainly, general.
Please take the stand.
I confirm in every point the deposition
of Colonel Henry about that document.
It absolutely proved Dreyfus' guilt...
...and it is too dangerous
to reveal in public.
You of the jury, you represent the nation.
If that nation hasn't confidence in us...
...the heads of the army,
at this critical time, then I shall resign.
- I have no more to say.
- But I have.
I wish to recall Colonel Picquart
to the stand.
- No, don't go. Stay here, please.
- Colonel Picquart, please take the stand.
Will Colonel Picquart tell us what he knows
about this mysterious secret document?
The document came to my attention while
I was chief of the intelligence service.
Inasmuch as it was secret,
it was my duty to say nothing about it.
As it has been openly mentioned here
by my superior officer...
...that restriction no longer applies,
and I shall speak.
The chief of staff was right
upon one point.
That secret document is too dangerous
to bring here, but not in the way he means.
It is too dangerous to the prosecution.
They dare not produce it
because that document is a forgery...
..mitted by an intelligence officer
in this room...
...to seal Dreyfus' fate
and save the face of the general staff.
This is irrelevant to the present trial.
- I protest this court's partiality.
- For the last time, I warn you!
These generals, substituting
for arguments their uniform...
..e to the stand,
even address the jury...
...violating or invoking professional
secrecy as they find convenient...
...saying what they please.
But when I wish to question these
exalted beings and expose the truth...
...the court bars my questions
before it knows what they are.
I shall not tolerate
this insult to justice.
And I will not

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