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Certainly, general.
The whole campaign of the defense
is extraordinary.
But the most deplorable spectacle of all to
me, as commander of the garrison of Paris...
...is that of an officer still wearing
the French uniform...
...who slanders his superiors
and his comrades.
- Long live the army!
- But not its generals!
Silence! Silence!
I cannot tolerate in silence
these accusations...
...that the law was violated
by court-martial officers...
...who shed their blood
on the battlefields of France...
...while others stab her in the back.
Each serves his country
in his own way:
One with a sword,
the other with a pen.
Posterity will choose
between your name and mine.
I will not stand these insults to men
intent only on doing their duty!
Gentlemen of the jury,
it is outrageous, traitorous...
...to deprive the army of confidence
in its chiefs in the day of danger!
And, believe me,
it is nearer than you think!
Gentlemen, it is your sons who will be
called on to defend France...
...while Monsieur Zola will stay at home
and write a new Downfall.
He will continue to make France famous
throughout the world.
- A France that will have ceased to exist!
- Long live the army!
Bravo. Bravo. Well acted, general.
Although there is no war
nor danger of war...
...you gave a very good performance.
But you did not utter a single word
to prove that Esterhazy was not guilty.
You cannot stop me from showing how he
tried to work on the sentiment of the jury!
I'll say what I have to say
if this trial lasts six months!
Monsieur Labori, address the court.
The general staff spoke as it pleased...
...the commander of Paris
influenced the jury...
...but the defense can say nothing.
Never has such a thing been seen.
What's your next question?
What is Colonel Picquart's
present address?
Mount Valerien fortress,
under military arrest.
Did he know that
by exposing Esterhazy...
...he was jeopardizing his army career
and might end up in an army prison?
Not at first. I did later.
Did he know that by attempting
to secure justice for Dreyfus...
You cannot put that question.
The Dreyfus case is closed.
That heat.
Madame Dreyfus.
Quiet. Quiet!
- Your name, please.
- Lucie Dreyfus.
- Your occupation.
- Captain's wife.
Never mind.
What question do you wish to put?
Will she tell us
under what condition...
...she learned from Commandant Dort
of her husband's arrest?
The question will not be put.
What was Dort's attitude
on that occasion?
Did he threaten her to say nothing
of what occurred?
The question will not be put.
Will she kindly tell us her opinion...
...of the good faith of Zola
in bringing these charges?
That is irrelevant to this case.
The question will not be put.
I demand for my client the right granted
even to assassins and thieves:
To have my witnesses speak.
Questions relating
to a closed case are prohibited.
Madame Dreyfus,
you may leave the stand.
Mr. President, I protest!
They wouldn't let me speak
of my husband's innocence.
Not even a word of my gratitude
to Monsieur Zola.
My husband doesn't want to be thanked.
- Who will be your next witness?
- Commandant Esterhazy.
Before we hear his testimony,
the courtroom will be cleared.
Commandant Esterhazy.
- I'm not going in there.
- Shut up, you fool.
This has gone too far
for you to let us down.
It's not a question of Dreyfus now,
it's all of us. So watch yourself.
Don't do anything foolish,
even if they provoke you.
Wait a minute.
You haven't got a gun, have you?
Do you swear to speak the truth
without hatred or fear...
...the whole truth
and nothing but the truth?
I swear.
Ask your first question.
Did he write the secret document...
...containing coded military information
known as the bordereau?
- I shall not answer.
- How did he enter the French army?
I will not answer him.
Didn't he first offer his services
to the Turkish army?
Didn't Commandant Esterhazy
write this

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