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I'm not tired.
I think it's laziness.
How can you say that?
How can you talk to me like that?
I think you're not
doing what you should.
What's this disguise?
It's convenient. Come.
Alright today?
Pulse: 46, like Napoleon.
- I can't get up.
- Be patient.
Don't smoke here.
The mask.
Wait. Come here!
No, I can't,
don't count on me.
You don't even know
where we're going.
You know him?
He figured it out.
Tell me where you'll be,
I'll join you.
We'll drop you
and talk on the way.
No, I can't!
Don't let us down,
we'll wait for you.
It's serious.
It's Guia!
- I wasn't expecting you.
- I'm not staying.
You sing without me?
Today too, he's gone?
And yesterday, and the day before!
You're the boss, decide!
It has to stop, I can't stand this.
We must take measures.
All we ask is
to follow the rules!
Which is?
To arrive at the same time!
He's always present
when needed.
He has a 90 minute pause!
It's your fault!
You spoiled him.
You should have acted before.
Maybe this discussion
is based on egos...
He shouldn't have been
barred from rehearsal.
Do as you wish,
but I refuse to keep
this man on the team.
I'm categorical!
You want to kill me?
I was in a cold sweat.
Did you see the boss' face?
We'll be late.
May I congratulate you too?
You're crazy to open that!
You couldn't wait?
To each his job.
I have to wait for you?
Mind your own business!
I told you it's closed.
Did you see the time?
You had to be here at 11!
Cheers, my friends!
Be happy!
Have a drink with us.
To you and your loved ones!
I'm borrowing him.
He just arrived.
I'll be right back.
Delighted to meet you.
Time to go home.
- Let's go.
- You're in a hurry?
Come here, you!
We meet once a year.
What's with you?
You make us wait,
and then go from table to table.
Who are you with?
With you!
- What's wrong?
- I pity you.
You're not swell!
I hurt you?
He drank too much.
Mind your own business.
They're in the living room.
I'll see the little one.
So, still not finished?
I've run out of tracing paper.
Close the door.
- How far does your telescope reach?
- A hundred times.
- And the focal length?
- 100 cm.
What planet do we see?
Now, it's Jupiter.
Why is it out of focus?
The object shouldn't be
5 cm, but 10.
Figured it out by yourself?
The match has started.
It's a radio?
A generator.
What is it?
A generator, it's a generator.
With transistors?
Of course.
I'm off, goodbye.
Guia, it's you?
You forgot our guests.
They were very nice.
I had a lot to do today.
You could mind them a bit.
They've been alone all day.
Tomorrow, I'll take care of it.
Aunt Elisso thanks you,
she was very happy.
Go to sleep, mama.
He's sleeping...
Don't worry, it won't wake him.
Go ahead.
Meet my friends.
This watch has always worked.
It has to be cleaned.
You were talking of vineyards?
I have none... a pity.
I have a small garden.
The vineyard spoils every spring.
It has to be taken care of.
The land is on a slope?
Rather swampy.
But a good exposure.
There's sun all day long.
For the vineyard, it's very good.
Better plant a strong vineyard.
Have any vegetables?
I couldn't plant any.
It's very dry around us.
If one takes care of one's garden,
one has a good crop.
Subtitles: John Lvoff
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