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Look at yourself.
You are the most beautiful boy,
you are the most beautiful fucker.
We want to see you fuck her.
Fuck her!
Get him, Margaret you whore.
Do it!
Give it to me baby.
Do it!
I can't.
Come on! You can do it!
You whore.
Do it!
Come on Margaret.
Do it!
Let's go!
What for?
Let's go!
You made me do it.
This pussy has teeth no one
should fuck me ever.
What did you do with him, Margaret?
I can't...
So where's the body?
I don't know.
Would somebody look on the roof.
Nothing out here.
What's in the box?
Was it a magic trick?
No, Ann, it's no magic trick, I keep
dead bodies in so I can fuck 'em.
Adrian, you should leave me
You should leave me
What are you talking about?
I can.
I killed the people that fucked me.
That's it, if you fuck me you'll die.
Come on, baby!
No, it's true!
It's not true.
I'm serious.
I'm serious too.
Hey you!
How many people want me
see me fuck Margaret and not die?
It's too much Adrian
Lay off!
There's something very strange
going on here.
I'm going to leave.
Right there's something strange
going on here.
I bet you 300$ that I can fuck
Margaret and not die.
Of course she won't die.
But I'm not sure watching you
fuck is worth 300$.
But it sure sounds interesting.
I'd like to watch but I'm not sure
Margaret's in the mood.
Adrian! You should stay away
from me, I'm a killer.
You like to fuck, baby, better
than anything in the world.
I don't want you!
Why not?
Because I'm killing all
the people that I fuck.
You kill me bitch, that's
the joke of all time.
Leave me alone.
You like it honey?
You like it...
Don't do it, Adrian.
These good people want to see
me fuck you now.
No! We're gonna go away,
We're gonna go away.
We're going to Berlin.
Right after you fuck me.
No! No! No! No!
Help me hold her down, she likes it.
It's Ok.
It's Ok baby,
You'll die Adrian!
Kill me baby!
Kill me baby!
What have we done?
Wait a minute.
We think clearly this
cannot be explained.
It's easy to explain.
You wanna know who
and what I am?
I'm a killer.
I kill with my cunt.
You can write about it...
in Midnight Magazine.
Or National Enquirer.
It's gonna be a new sensation.
You wanted to know
where I'm from?
I'm from connecticut.
Mayflower stock.
I was taught that my prince would come.
And he would be a lawyer and I would
have his children.
And in the week ends
we would barbecue.
And all the other princes and their
princesses would come:
and they would say delicious,
Or, how boring!
So I was taught,
that I should come to New-York
and become an independant model.
And my prince would come
and he would be...
an agent.
And he would get me a role.
And I would make my living
waiting on tables.
I would wait till thirty...
till forty...till fifty.
And I was taught that to
be an actress
one should be fashionable.
And to befashionable is
to be androgenous.
And I'm androgenous not less
that David Bowie himself.
They call me beautiful.
And I kill with my cunt.
Isn't it fashionable?
Come on who's next?
I take lessons.
How to get into show business.
Be nice to your professor,
be nice to your agent.
Be nice to your audience.
Be nice.
How to be a woman?
Want them when they want you.
How to be free and equal.
Fuck women instead of men
and you'll discover
a whole kingdom of freedom.
Men won't step on you anymore.
Women will.
So come on, who's next?
Who wants to teach me?
Come on! Teach me.
Are you afraid?
You're right.
Because they're all dead.
All my teachers.
-What time is it?
We go to the club.
We go to the club,
we'll dance.
There's nothing else to do,
we might as well dance.
Come on let's go,
let's go.
-Are you looking for Adrian?
-Adrian is dead, it's every man for himself.
I'm delighted to see you,
you don't know how it thrills me.
-You're glad?
-Sure I'm baby you're the man.
I love your sexy body.

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