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embarass me in front of my clients.
You wanna just prove to everybody
that you're a failure.
That you take dope, you take drugs,
that you haven't made any money
from any of your films, your books
or anything you've ever done, mainly.
You want to humiliate me,
that's your point.
But I'm such a fool to love you.
Well, if you don't like me, leave!
This is my house...
Leave my house!
You either get dressed up and
behave like you have some self respect
you'd just leave!
Steve, will you fix me a drink please?
Having a problem with the
Neanderthal man back there?
Relax, you're fabulous.
Don't make a penny of
domestic quarrels.
What are you staring at big cock?
Sorry I wish I knew how to tell you...
If you got something to say
copper, just spit it out.
You are in a dangerous situation.
Man, listen let me tell you something
you guys won't catch me, man, never!
And I don't understand why you're
being so stupid copper
to let me know what's coming down
that's really dumb.
Copper? What does that mean,
I can help you.
Fuck off, get out of my way.
You don't understand, I can help you.
Oh! You're a rat man.
You want me to put you on the take,
so you'll let me know
when your invasion come in?
Invasion? Yeah what do you know
about the invasion?
Oh, shut your face scab,
I don't play it your way.
Just forget it fuck off, man!
I don't need you man! Fuck off!
Still sitting in front of the mirror.
Adrian is here.
I didn't come here to see Adrian.
Well I don't have any dope for you.
You have to see her about that.
I don't want any dope.
What do you want?
Entertain you.
So, how do you expect
to entertain me?
Well, men have always
entertained women.
I'm gonna show you...the difference.
Between men and women.
Don't make me laugh.
I'm not gonna make you laugh.
I'm gonna make you come.
So what?
I can come with or without you.
You think I can't get it up, hmm?
I don't care, I wanna fuck with
someone else but not you.
Oh I thought you wished
for a big hard man.
Seems to me that too many men
today are telling me what I want.
What I'm wishing is that you would leave.
What are you gonna do if I stay
call the cops?
They'd love the chance
to make love with you.
You think that sexy become
I'm turned on by that?
Make me sick you big junkie.
Fucking dyke.
You're just a dyke.
You're so attractive to me I'm just
coming and coming.
Shut up cunt!
You're not coming yet!
I wanna fuck you till you know
what it means.
You sick pig, I don't need
your cock or anything.
You're nothing you're nobody,
you're nothing you're nothing.
Alright wore, I'm gonna be sorry.
You're right, I'm a wore,
allright you fuck me see
cause it doesn't matter to me,
cause you don't exist you're nothing
you're nobody, you just don't exist
you're just a fly.
-Hi there.
Just set it down there, OK?
Are you studying the stars
Miss Sylvia?
Thank you!
Oh my god!
God miss Sylvia?
Oh add out 20 percent.
Very good, thank you.
I'm falling asleep I'm tired,
I'm falling asleep and you're boring me to death.
Please don't die, I know you'll love it,
Hurry up please!
You'll love it,
I'm fucking you.
Fucking you...
Sorry, you're eating.
Oh It's my pleasure.
How did you meeting go with the girl?
She didn't believe me.
Who would believe a man who's
capable of waiting till the shrimps get cold?
Oh, what did you got?
This is for you.
This is what I drink.
Oh, thank you.
Start getting your dinner,
I shouldn't start talking about your duty again.
Here, open it.
Hey you?
Hey you?
What's with these glass
arrows in the head?
To the last of your project.
To the beautiful
I can't have all these bodies.
Just seems like that every body is
involved with drugs
not only teenagers but everybody.
And now you're telling me
that aliens have come here
and they're also looking for drugs.
It's just incredible.
Corpses...all these corpses here.

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- 1980

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