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Don't do it!
You don't like it baby,
you don't have to watch.
Don't do it.
Don't get moral with me, whore,
you had to fuck him didn't you?
I told you not to fuck him.
This is my place I do what
I want here.
You can fuck any petty asshole
who gives you a chance.
You god damn whore!
Don't you call me that
you low-class freaking monster!
I'm a monster? You let these guys
walk on your bones, bitch!
and you're gonna kill me
with syphylis one day, you dirty cunt.
Don't talk to me like that.
Your mother was nuts,
your father was a bum.
You'll never go anywhere but to the Bowery
you belong with the bums.
You shut your mouth or
I'll cut you baby.
And nobody will fuck your ugly cunt.
Why did you have to do
that to him?
He was a good man.
He never did anything to you.
That's a dead body.
Now, let me see.
That's an alien craft.
That's an alien craft?
Isn't it kind of small?
The alien craft is about the size
of a dinner plate,
Who ever told you that aliens
need as much space as people?
Well, that's really quite
a world that you showed me.
You're a scientist as tall as
the empire state building.
and the aliens are as big as...
Jumbo shrimp.
I've available no other
world to show you.
Well, isn't it possible that that
might be a child's toy?
And not a UFO?
Don't worry, forget it...
We'll leave this fucking
place, baby, and we'll go to Berlin.
I wanna sing in the night clubs.
Germans love me...
We'll be happy.
What are we gonna do
with this body?
Don't worry about the body...
I know what to do,
you wanna do it right now?
Are you sure this has
something to do with the UFO?
Looks like two women just
killed a man.
This is not my first encounter
with the aliens.
Just watch in the long run
you will see what happens there.
Why don't they call the police?
Why don't we call the police?
They don't want the police
to be involved.
Everyone has his own reasons
for avoiding the authorites
in their home.
They have a very good reason,
they've heron there.
I sure wouldn't like to be
in their shoes right now.
I wouldn't like it either.
What are we gonna do?
Just leave him there,
we're going to Berlin baby, aren't we?
We should have a wake.
There's no food.
So I go to the store
and get some food.
These are no protection
for aliens.
Oh! And do you have protection
for aliens?
You have a laser down in your pants?
I think I need another drink.
Wake up, honey...
Come on get up and take a shower.
I feel sick, Kathy.
I know you feel sick.
You took drugs today.
Come on and stand up
It'll make you feel better.
Guests are already starting to arrive.
Can't miss the party.
Fuck the guests.
You are brave, noble knight.
Why don't you go overthere and
freed those two beauties from the dragon?
It's exactly what I'm gonna do.
You're going...over to the appartment?
No the little one just went out,
I  want to try to warn her.
Are you serious?
Well you're really a brave.
You're the first man to ever leave me
just before we're about to have dinner.
Fuck the guests.
Fuck the party.
Just gonna sleep.
Be serious.
I'm ab-so-fucking-lutely serious.
Don't talk to me like that.
Why can't I?
Because this is your place,
because you pay for anything
Let's not start that subject again.
I didn't start that subject, you did,
I don't care...
I'm sorry but I'll be right back.
Oh don't expect me to wait for you.
I don't like cold chinese food.
I don't intend to start
liking it now.
I'm sorry but duty is more
important than shrimps.
Well the duty is yours
the house is mine.
And in my house shrimps are more
important than duty.
I'm going to sleep.
You ruined your carrer
and now you want to ruin mine?
You know I've invited
everybody to this.
Do you know how hard
I've worked to make everything perfect,
and you've not lifted
a finger to help me!
Now you want to humiliate me

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