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Do you like this professor?
I think you look better in jeans
that in a turtleneck.
Yes, professor.
May I help you?
Yes...what side of the building
do your windows face?
Are you the fire inspector?
No, I'm a scientist.
Well, I put my fire extinguisher in
and all my exit rows are accesible.
I'm a scientist.
And you're studying windows.
Well, windows have something to do
with my research
you see I'm an astrophysicist
and I'm researching
some phenomenon which has
occured in some countries.
I'm from West Berlin.
Let me show you my...identification.
Have you had dinner?
Well I have a free evening tonight.
Why don't we go upstairs and discuss
a bite while we eat?
All your costumes...
they're just a participation
in somekind of a phony theater.
I only tell you this for
your own good.
It's a freak show.
Are you trying to say that your blue
jeans weren't theater?
It's not the same thing.
So your professor wore a three
piece suit and blamed you for your jeans.
And your jeans were too much.
Don't you understand that your
suit was also a costume?
Is that your jeans did for love
and sexual quality weird
is no way wearing a costume.
So you want me now, right?
You have the best legs.
We both have good legs.
We had children they would
have the best legs to stand.
I thought I looked ugly and
would give you diseases.
It's a perfect place for watching.
I'm ordering some chinese
is that OK?
It's perfect.
You are wet.
You have no right to do that
I'm not your possession.
It's so simple isn't it?
Well you can have me.
I don't wanna have you.
I wanna make love to you.
I'm telling this for your own good...
I think you should go home.
You've spent all your energy
trying to get me excited
and then...
Want to throw me out?
Please leave...
Come here.
Ok I'd like two orders of shrimp
fried rice.
An order of shrimp and pea pods.
An order of shrimp with
lobster sauce.
And an order of jumbo shrimp.
Owen...get up.
-What I'm working on.
-That's what I'm working on.
Are you...a researcher?
No I'm a TV producer,
do you think that they exist?
So you're looking for heron
and you don't want the police to
know about it.
Listen, this really has nothing to do
with drug traffic.
What can I do? Nobody really knows
the true nature of these aliens.
You're from Germany?
Yes, Berlin.
I'm jewish...
So what connections
do you think
there can possibly be between
UFO's and...heron?
What the fuck is going on
in here?
Have you ever seen a UFO ?
Yes, this morning, that's why
I'm here.
Well that's very interesting.
Would you like a drink?
You can see it as well.
I can see a UFO?
Yes, through your window.
You mean I can go over, there
to my window,
and I can look at it
I can see a UFO?
No, but you can see it through
my telescope.
Oh, you have a telescope with you?
Yes, in my case.
So why don't you set it up?
I always dreamed about
seeing a UFO.
Hey, what did you say
you were drinking?
So you're dead now...shit.
And you're going to hell.
Straight from your
marihuana jungles.
Straight from your lies,
your lies, your lies.
You dropped it, fuck!
Suits you well.
You go to hell.
Whe'll all go to hell.
I'll go to hell too.
But I know I'm damned.
And you, never knew.
So you weren't ready?
to toll the bell.
For me it's easy.
From hell to hell I'm not dancing
in marihuana jungles.
I live in concrete mazes,
stone and glass.
Hard like my heart,
sharp and clean.
No romantic illusions
to changing the world.
I don't lie to myself.
That love can cure because
I know I'm alone.
And you fucked that every day.
You lived, you lied,
you lied you lied.
You go to hell?
Suits you well.
Ok, you wanna see an alien craft?
You will see it. Look.
You know I always dreamt
to fuck a dead man, that's my chance.
You're crazy.
Sure I'm baby.
That's why you like me,
so let's fuck him.
-Don't you touch him.
-You want any?
So you fucked twice today


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