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tell me the truth.
I'm begging you.
You have to give me some proof.
Tell me right now...
Tell me...
You gotta tell me.
She sees someone here.
- Are you sure?
- I saw her.
I saw her with a man here
after midnight. Let's go.
Be quiet.
Here you are!
Jesus, what are you doing here,
you dumb ass!
- She talked me into it.
- No way.
It was your idea.
Surely somebody's going
to believe you.
You should be
in a detention house.
You're a disgrace.
The dead must be turning over
in their graves.
We'll have the cemetery
re-consecrated. Let's go home.
In the name of Father,
Son and the Holy Spirit,
Jesus Christ's mercy,
our resurrection and life
- be always with you.
- And always with you.
God bless this place
and our belief in Him.
He is life winning over death.
Mommy, what's wrong?
Jesus, it's a heart attack!
I'm going to call an ambulance.
Hi, I need an ambulance to come
to the square in Policka.
My mother collapsed and I have
no idea what happened to her.
This is all that whore's fault.
Her own mother died of shame.
I'm going to tell her
what I think of her.
I'm going to tell her right now!
You're having fun and your
mother died because of you!
We don't want you living here.
Pack your stuff and get out!
God, what's wrong with you?
Leave me alone!
You should be ashamed!
You slut...
We'll sell the house and
move to Prague.
You'll find work easily, and
hopefully I will, too.
Nothing is keeping us
here anymore.
- I'm not moving anywhere.
- Haven't you had enough yet?
Can't you see how you look?
Prague is not gonna work.
We'd never find a place there.
With all that we have we can
only move to another small town
where we'd find the same
attitude and mentality.
And I'm not ashamed of anything.
- Why don't you say something?
- What should I say?
That you'll never leave me.
You'll stay with me
and won't leave me
for another woman.
Promise me that.
Will you make the same promise?
Sure I will.
Then swear that you'll never
leave me for another man.
I swear I will never leave you
for another man.
Then I swear that I'll never
leave you for another woman.
We'll give a huge funeral party
and I bet you all those local
hypocrites will come.
I'd invite you up for a coffee
but you don't drink it.
Tonight I'd make an exception.
Come on in. Take your coat off.
I left a little underdressed.
I'm not dressed for going out.
Do you often walk around
like this at night?
Is this intentional
or do you sleepwalk?
I'll take my coat off
but don't laugh at me, okay?
What's so funny?
I met him when I was sixteen.
He was ten years older and
worked at a hotel reception desk.
We married when I was 18 and
spent two great years together.
Expensive vacations, expensive
restaurants, champagne etc.
Then he was arrested for fraud.
He got 15 years. So I waited.
They let him go
after eight years.
You mean you waited
eight years for him?
I loved him so much.
But he came back
a different person.
Soon after that he divorced me
for another woman.
Then I inherited this house and
moved here to forget it all.
And why didn't you ever
get married?
Good morning.
I brought some breakfast
for the groom.
I'll stay in case he wants to
change his mind again, right?
Once is okay, he's young.
Twice would be a scandal, right?
Could you make some coffee for
me? The groom isn't up yet?
My daughter has been up now
for an hour.
She's impatient, isn't she?
Your future mother-in-law
came to warm you up
for that amazing wedding
she prepared for you, right?
Good morning.
This is our last chance
to disappear.
Get dressed.
Take the bike and
wait for me at the square.
But you have to promise that
you'll stop going to Prague.
I promise.
Come on! Hurry. Go.
- Are you telling the truth?
- I am!
- You'll stop going there.
- I will. Here, catch!
I'm allowed to get
some milk, right?
And you never wanted
to get married again?
I lost my faith.

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