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You know I mean it, right?
We'll go to the train station
and get on the first train.
Have one for the road and
let's get out of here.
Man, this will be a mess.
Let's go!
Where did you learn
to dance so well?
That's my secret.
You're covered in secrets.
It's up to you
to slowly reveal them.
- Where are you from?
- From a small dead town.
What do you do there?
- I work with people's heads.
- How?
I give them a new look,
sometimes for better,
sometimes for worse.
I wish I could be in your hands.
No, you don't.
I kill them all in the end.
- Your parents let you do that?
- I killed them, too.
That's a good one!
Excuse me.
Why can't you tell me
who this relative is?
I've never heard of any aunt.
That's it.
Why are you so hostile?
I'm trying to befriend you.
I have nothing against you.
Where is the salt?
Your sister means a lot to me.
And you mean a lot to her,
so you also mean a lot to me.
Where did you put the salt?
Don't cut it too short.
Don't worry.
Do you know that we met exactly
one year ago today?
- Time flies.
- It depends.
I get very lonely in Policka.
I don't want to talk about
marriage and kids again today.
I work until midnight all month,
then you come for the weekend.
I haven't had enough sleep and
I don't feel like arguing.
If you loved me
you wouldn't get upset at all.
It does upset me. I've told
you I can't live with anyone.
I have to stay single.
If you don't like it,
then go find someone else.
What do you mean someone else?
You would really end it
just like that?
Okay then.
I'm sick and tired
of these discussions.
- Sick and tired, huh?
- Yeah.
- In that case I'm leaving.
- Don't make a scene.
Where would you go
this late at night?
You dumb girl...
You just care about yourself,
you coward!
You selfish old bachelor!
...and he says, "There is
a thief among you, Comrades.
How much meat was there?"
One kilo, Comrades,
actually four kilos sixty...
Wait! Let me ring the buzzer.
You're cold, huh?
- Good evening.
- Hello, deputy director.
I'm going to show this lady
something up in my office.
We're too tired to walk up.
Could you turn
the elevator on?
For the tenth time,
where is the salt?
I try to like you even though
everyone in town says that
you've ruined your sister's life.
She sacrificed herself for you.
It's not quite clear who has
sacrificed what for whom.
She did her best to replace
your mother.
You weren't even capable
of getting married.
- Will you give me the salt?
- She makes sacrifices for you.
It's because of you she refuses
to move into a new house.
She'd rather stay here with you
in this shabby place
because you supposedly don't
adjust well to new conditions.
I also make sacrifices for you.
You poor thing.
I am not a poor thing. The poor
thing is someone else here.
- A poor thing and a blockhead.
- You'd better apologize for that.
Will you give me the salt?
Here you go!
You idiot.
This is ridiculous.
- Either I go or you go.
- You'll go.
We'll see about that.
You'll leave once you find out
that you married a nymphomaniac!
You better explain
what you mean by that.
Nothing. Ask your wife
who she goes to visit.
What the names
of all those aunts are.
Today it's exactly 3 months
and 12 days since you left.
You've never been away
for so long before.
I'm exhausted from work.
It was hard not to break that
absurd promise not to visit you.
You have more and more
gray hair
and less and less hair.
That's because of you. When
will you make up your mind?
You know very well that I won't
move here without my brother.
I've been thinking about it
and I'm willing to meet him.
So I'll bring him
along some day.
Stop moving around so much.
Have a drink with me. Please.
Try to understand me.
I've been divorced twice now.
They were two-timing me.
And now it's happening again.
Is that right?
She has a lover in Prague.
Or did I misunderstand you?


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