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a shoemaker...
Martinu never forgot
the Policka tower. That's all.
Good bye.
I'm sorry.
I should have told you
your sister asked me
to entertain you...
Entertain you say?
Well, you gave
a very professional performance.
I see that one can rely on you.
My sister really has
a very self-sacrificing friend.
I wanted to tell you at my house
but I didn't have the courage.
We began with great words
and ended with a harsh reality.
Let's cut to the truth.
You acted like a whore and
I was just a customer.
If you want we can go on
just like that.
Are you going to tell me
why you dragged me up here?
Today it's exactly one year
after our dad fell.
I thought you'd forget
about it by now.
I think about it all the time.
This is the only place
I feel good.
I watch people and things
from here and orchestrate them.
- What do you do?
- I conduct people.
I see them as notes.
- I don't understand you at all.
- You really have to concentrate.
Do you see that water wagon?
It's a piano.
And the kids over there are
a flute, an oboe and a horn.
And those bicyclists
are pizzicato.
Where did you get that,
you pizzicato?
- Can't you hear it?
- What am I supposed to hear?
Katerina Holomkova told me that
you ran away like a coward.
- She made me mad.
- How?
- She was wearing pantyhose.
- What?
- She didn't wear garters.
- Who cares?
- I do!
- You're nuts.
When you see Katerina
do you feel warm?
Sometimes I get so hot
that I can't stand it.
It drives me crazy
and I want to make love
with somebody.
I've already told you -
not with you.
Mom, he has somebody in there.
- You'll wake mom up.
- Who's in there with you?
- Katerina?
- I didn't ask you yesterday.
You're too young to ask me.
You have plenty of time
to bring girls over.
- I grew up a long time ago.
- You still act like a little boy.
And don't forget to shave
tomorrow. You're scruffy.
Tomorrow's envelope's
pretty thick!
I can't believe you enjoy
living from day to day.
It's not about how much
we spend.
It's not about money.
It's about the surprise.
Wow, it's so much money! How can
we spend it all tomorrow?
I guess
I have to buy myself a dress!
You don't need to spend it all.
You spend what's in the envelope.
Nothing more, nothing less.
I'm gonna have a beer.
- Does anyone else want one?
- I'd like a mineral water.
We're having beef tonight.
- Will you join us?
- No, I have sausages.
Damn it. What's up with this?
Someday that ladder will kill
someone. We should get a new one.
This place was one of Martinu's
greatest impressions
and played a great role in his
approach to composing music.
You paid so you were entitled
to the tour. So I did my job.
Now leave. I have to close up.
What are you doing here?
He refuses to talk to me.
I keep coming here every day.
So forget him. You look tired.
Stop by my work someday and
I'll get you back in shape.
I'm going to Prague.
Do you want to come with me?
- You said you quit.
- And I did. Bye.
I came to ask you a favor.
Tell Josef that I had to go
to Prague to visit our sick aunt.
You know I don't talk to him.
Then write it
on a piece of paper.
Why don't you tell him?
I decided to go
at the last minute
and I don't want to go home
in case I run into him.
I have to go.
Come meet me at the train
station tomorrow, okay?
You're always going somewhere.
I promise I won't go anymore.
You're too young to get married.
We've discussed this
a hundred times.
I like her.
I gave her my word.
You gave me your word.
You'll regret it
until the day you die.
If you don't go to the wedding,
you'll avoid the divorce later.
You can't really be in love
with someone that ugly.
She's not ugly.
They're waiting for me.
I have to go.
You don't have to do it.
It won't lead to anything.
Don't tell me that you want
to spend your life with her.
Without me.
If you marry her,
then I'll disappear
and you'll never see me


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